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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   4 months ago

Some tips for great one-pagers. https://t.co/YIhqarI5zc

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Evan Patterson   @ejpatters   4 months ago

New on the wiki: my favorite examples of monoid objects in monoidal categories. What good ones am I missing? I act… https://t.co/YMZGoojisR

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jonpither   @jonpither   4 months ago

Thanks to @malcolmsparks for pointing me at "Gall's Law", the problem that bottom-up programming and keeping it si… https://t.co/7nOmEMUMMF

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Ana Tudor 🐯   @anatudor   4 months ago

Play by the rules. Get beat by those who don't.

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Emily Strickland   @emilyst   4 months ago

I’m reading a 60-page paper on the word “the,” and it’s incredible. https://t.co/L8rRbE7vpi https://t.co/SyaXCvZLWd

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John Carlos Baez   @johncarlosbaez   4 months ago

A function from a finite set to itself consists of cycles with trees attached. For a random function from a huge… https://t.co/aQKVgzKslU

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Andrew M. Webb   @AndrewM_Webb   4 months ago

A fun little puzzle if you've not seen it before: You come across these bike tracks in the snow. Was the bike trav… https://t.co/qcKysMGfvC

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Aaron Patterson   @tenderlove   4 months ago

$ ruby -e'alias+@ __id__;module RubyVM::AbstractSyntaxTree;z=->(n){"#{+n}[label=#{n.type}];"+n.children.grep(Node){… https://t.co/zdgzKbsD4k

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Jessica Joy Kerr   @jessitron   4 months ago

To “be more agile,” what you want to change is: how the system changes itself.

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Jake   @JustJake   4 months ago

Ruby on Rails is what gave us Twitter, Stripe, Shopify, Coinbase, Airbnb, Github, and a ton of other great companie… https://t.co/jlJkW51Uyb

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Dare Obasanjo   @Carnage4Life   4 months ago

A lesson many never learn is that just because a task is difficult doesn’t make it valuable. As an employee people… https://t.co/J6FQlIqVnz

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   4 months ago

Tip: Time. Ppl often underestimate just how much time it takes to foster shared understanding. I’ve seen a leaders… https://t.co/Q8qYN9kGov

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steveklabnik   @steveklabnik   4 months ago

A trap I see a lot of smart, “senior” folks fall into is that they think that practices that make a team more effec… https://t.co/ELScf5KUks

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steveklabnik   @steveklabnik   4 months ago

If you can’t work effectively with others, you’re not a senior engineer.

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Micah Hausler   @micahhausler   4 months ago

TIL: You can get a terminal into your Docker Desktop VM. screen ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/vms/0/tty

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trash bandicoot   @freezydorito   4 months ago

honestly if panic at the disco can fit short stories in song titles you can make descriptive commit messages

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zach bonaker   @zachbonaker   4 months ago

"Okay, let's look at what's on top of the backlog." 👀 ... "As a meeting, I need to know who's attending me." *Sig… https://t.co/TBDCEQeykn

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Patrick McKenzie   @patio11   4 months ago

I somehow missed this back when it happened: @tylertringas wrote about selling his small software business. Broadly… https://t.co/r1LExi8kp9

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AWS Identity   @AWSIdentity   4 months ago

#AWSLaunches! Identify unused IAM roles easily & remove them confidently by using the last activity timestamp. Lear… https://t.co/SxgxVRmQMg

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a structural #Clojure clojure editor for producing sound using Overtone https://t.co/mtNbToYWkC https://t.co/vtkFeJlKSj

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   4 months ago

Amazing how we can be uniquely aware of the risks when viewing other companies/products, but blind to what is happe… https://t.co/FtwMkWxlcy

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Systemantics Quotes   @SysQuotes   4 months ago


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Gimi Liang   @lzhm   4 months ago

I wish I have watched this earlier: Effective Programs - 10 Years of Clojure - Rich Hickey https://t.co/U3VNLf0M1b

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Jessica Joy Kerr   @jessitron   4 months ago

“When I see code, I often look at it in terms of how much complexity is this eliminating or creating.” for the cal… https://t.co/7AWckB8aeb

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Farbod Saraf   @farbodsaraf   4 months ago

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