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Kamran Ahmed   @kamranahmedse   about 1 year ago

I woke up to 100k stars on developer-roadmap today. Over a 100,000 people found these roadmaps useful enough to c… https://t.co/OChiWL6lt1

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"[...] 'legacy,' which is condescending-engineer-speak for 'actually makes money.'" ... really nice quote by… https://t.co/Fl5psjomYp

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Kaeli Swift, Ph.D.   @corvidresearch   about 1 year ago

Hahaha, I just found out my latest paper was the subject of a @waitwait listener limerick! https://t.co/oLaV7rbXtY

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joshwcomeau   @JoshWComeau   about 1 year ago

🔥 Did you know: CSS has built-in operators to count the number of elements rendered? You can use it to build way p… https://t.co/EPHPOklp5M

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Matt Stauffer   @stauffermatt   about 1 year ago

This is your regular reminder that macOS has built-in bulk file renaming and it's insanely simple to use. 🙌🍎 https://t.co/4w7OiVHt2T

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1/ I am a university professor. I teach undergraduates who have been isolated at home and taking classes "remotely"… https://t.co/mNelQlMjym

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Mathew Cropper   @mrtcropper   about 1 year ago

@johncutlefish I'm reminded of this slide from a recent talk. These are some of the many possible solutions to a pr… https://t.co/2ZDZDaK3HI

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Michael Harris   @MichaelH_PhD   about 1 year ago

Somebody suggested my wife should make a toilet paper cake. So she did. https://t.co/8aqoRRevMb

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If you wanna read this thing, knock yourself out. https://t.co/E51KyKz3zl

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Erik Naggum invented Clojure syntax in 1997 https://t.co/q9S4HpgoOU

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Eliza Turner   @zizabeph   about 1 year ago

@corvidresearch I only came across this after I finished my masters. I wish I had found it earlier! https://t.co/WFzlfA1crN

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David K. 🎹   @DavidKPiano   about 1 year ago

🖌️ I made a cheatsheet for event-driven finite state machines with @excalidraw! This describes the basic important… https://t.co/pjayND37vh

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   about 1 year ago

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Ivan Akulov   @iamakulov   about 1 year ago

Finally 100 🎉 A thread on how https://t.co/3euLhod0r7 – a mostly static React/Gatsby site – reached the perfect Pa… https://t.co/BwTEHpcyTn

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Patrick Chovanec   @prchovanec   about 1 year ago

In the aftertimes, no one remembered how the taboo had come into being, or why. In the wasteland called New Jersey,… https://t.co/BxrItwXEzz

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We've learned that if it isn't someone's job to care about some X for a rather minor X, like say onboarding flow fo… https://t.co/aHofFc5FTu

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Samuel Williams   @ioquatix   about 1 year ago

One of my favourite talks about measuring performance: https://t.co/nTHJyFQC1e

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It’s interesting that so many essential workers are paid minimum wage, and so many non-essential workers are paid far more.

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Corey Quinn   @QuinnyPig   about 1 year ago

An anonymous question has arisen! "My company is looking to migrate to @awscloud. They want someone to help with th… https://t.co/3SB1DawTmi

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My day job (also: night job) is CEO of Slack, a publicly traded company with investors to whom I am a fiduciary, 11… https://t.co/73L7ZLT8AN

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Jaclyn A. Siegel   @jaclynasiegel   about 1 year ago

Hi. You don’t need to justify your inability to work efficiently (or at all) right now.

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DHH   @dhh   about 1 year ago

Meetings are toxic. Doesn't matter if your work day is being chopped up into work moments in the office or virtuall… https://t.co/N5imKvRBqx

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   about 1 year ago

Really liking this format. It is a 3 part series. When you sign up you get to see past recordings. And you can atte… https://t.co/2NFLbavWwV

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I thought I was thorough, but this taught me not to forget the thumbs! Take a look. And blessings to all today. 👋🏾… https://t.co/RGTf5aQ3UK

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