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Patrick McKenzie   @patio11   7 months ago

We've learned that if it isn't someone's job to care about some X for a rather minor X, like say onboarding flow fo… https://t.co/aHofFc5FTu

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Telmo Goncalves   @telmo   7 months ago

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Samuel Williams   @ioquatix   7 months ago

One of my favourite talks about measuring performance: https://t.co/nTHJyFQC1e

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It’s interesting that so many essential workers are paid minimum wage, and so many non-essential workers are paid far more.

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Corey Quinn   @QuinnyPig   7 months ago

An anonymous question has arisen! "My company is looking to migrate to @awscloud. They want someone to help with th… https://t.co/3SB1DawTmi

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My day job (also: night job) is CEO of Slack, a publicly traded company with investors to whom I am a fiduciary, 11… https://t.co/73L7ZLT8AN

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Jaclyn A. Siegel   @jaclynasiegel   7 months ago

Hi. You don’t need to justify your inability to work efficiently (or at all) right now.

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DHH   @dhh   7 months ago

Meetings are toxic. Doesn't matter if your work day is being chopped up into work moments in the office or virtuall… https://t.co/N5imKvRBqx

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   7 months ago

Really liking this format. It is a 3 part series. When you sign up you get to see past recordings. And you can atte… https://t.co/2NFLbavWwV

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Ava DuVernay   @ava   7 months ago

I thought I was thorough, but this taught me not to forget the thumbs! Take a look. And blessings to all today. 👋🏾… https://t.co/RGTf5aQ3UK

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⛺️Guide to Offline App Strategies! There are 4 strategies (unless I've missed something!) 1. Offline-readonly ◆… https://t.co/h6WF96QDGN

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stephanie   @isosteph   7 months ago

✨✨✨ My Quarantine Routine ✨✨✨ 9am: wake up 9:30am: sit down in front of computer 12pm: eat lunch at computer 1pm: k… https://t.co/KjamUEUNz6

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One of my favorite memes from over a decade ago (!!!) was "draw this again", where artists would revisit their olde… https://t.co/P6CXBJfSjb

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Cloudflare   @Cloudflare   7 months ago

From our blog: The problem with thread^W event loops. https://t.co/AhFGEQK36W

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jamie   @gnuman1979   7 months ago

Quarantine day 6. https://t.co/er652Oy3Ki

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Ryan Singer   @rjs   7 months ago

This new podcast from @stevenstrogatz is fantastic. For curious people who like unsolved problems and applied scien… https://t.co/CD736rIMjX

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Lindsay (Bruce) Crider   @lindsay_crider   7 months ago

9 to 5 (WFH edition) https://t.co/ne0jubrPgc

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people ask me a lot about what software I use to make my zines but the hard part of writing zines is figuring out… https://t.co/CKPeDKVByl

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ben   @HiredThought   7 months ago

Idea thread: Ways to avoid doing this. Sing along if you know the words. https://t.co/Bd9Hn5muw5

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Corey Quinn   @QuinnyPig   7 months ago

“These are the puzzles we have to solve, but they’re so far removed from the business problem we’re trying to solve… https://t.co/IIVuIyBHo2

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Bill Kent Stan Account   @hillelogram   7 months ago

* Programmers are really bad at dealing with the XY Problem (https://t.co/7TSM0KeBLI). You know who's good at it? L… https://t.co/8KqguX6Xcy

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Binni Shah   @binitamshah   8 months ago

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Samuel Williams   @ioquatix   8 months ago

A Quick Introduction to Bake https://t.co/khbQvoMHGp via @YouTube #Ruby

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Binni Shah   @binitamshah   8 months ago

Expert C Programming - Deep C Secrets : https://t.co/kSpuSuP1xi (pdf)

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Chris Rohlf   @chrisrohlf   8 months ago

I wrote a short blog post to explain some of the fundamentals behind Isolation Alloc https://t.co/QHSN1P4cFi https://t.co/ihhcbK7Pr2

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