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Matt Barcomb   @mattbarcomb   3 months ago

"What's your day rate?" "What's it costing you, per day, to not do this?"

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Clarice Bouwer   @cbillowes   3 months ago

I am a generalist impostor: I know a little about a lot and feel I know a lot about knowing nothing.

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Peter Bloem   @pbloemesquire   3 months ago

New blogpost! Transformers from scratch. Modern transformers are super simple, so we can explain them in a really… https://t.co/chULzEL9EC

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Ray[REDACTED] at ILTAcon   @RayRedacted   3 months ago

Mad respect for Cathay Pacific CEO Rupert Hogg. https://t.co/h2eUvi9BVv

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Farbod Saraf   @farbodsaraf   3 months ago

Whatever you do, do it well https://t.co/7rOKcmxRCW

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Addy Osmani   @addyosmani   3 months ago

A black hole simulation in 140 bytes of JavaScript: https://t.co/SmCQzqLmVk 🤯 for(i=0;i<2e3;x.fillRect(i?960+i*S(F… https://t.co/9403q6M0bE

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And @duretti on changing your workplace without sacrificing yourself politically. I was laughing too hard during th… https://t.co/ksM9ApzBhp

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Avdi Grimm   @avdi   3 months ago

Linguists observe that women lead 90% of language evolution. No wonder programming languages have been essentially… https://t.co/QtcQSLqQfs

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Roman Liutikov   @roman01la   3 months ago

This is a great summary of how to interop with JS in ClojureScript https://t.co/nrCvSTi15H

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WebAssemblyWeekly   @WasmWeekly   3 months ago

Ruffle - an Adobe Flash Player written in Rust compiled to WebAssembly https://t.co/jX3xTXgGlt (it was going to happen eventually!)

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Patrick McKenzie   @patio11   3 months ago

If an employer is willing to be abusive to you prior to hiring you, when you have maximum leverage and they are max… https://t.co/JyzCR5p2lI

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Sampson   @jonathansampson   3 months ago

A few nights ago I purchased some of the oldest JavaScript books I could find. This one is from March of 1996, less… https://t.co/LISHGXOgML

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Grady Booch   @Grady_Booch   3 months ago

So @WeWork is losing about $5,200 per customer. I'm not an economist, but I'd guess that's not sustainable... https://t.co/X4OuVeAPp6

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Erin 🦁   @erinfranmc   3 months ago

Developer unveils their first "hello world" React app (2019, colorized) https://t.co/OSfeKqmN8U

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Ruby Inside   @RubyInside   3 months ago

Ciao: An HTTP Monitoring Tool, Built on Rails - https://t.co/S2JAdRArwq

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Kieran Snyder   @KieranSnyder   3 months ago

1 Been thinking recently about what makes a good middle manager. By “middle manager,” I mean anyone who has both a… https://t.co/ZlnFrn7IU4

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Patrick McKenzie   @patio11   3 months ago

One of the structural reasons for pivots is that pivots present an argument for refilling the uncertainty bucket wh… https://t.co/58PDJM8mzK

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Patrick McKenzie   @patio11   3 months ago

This is a good question to know the answer to: A substantial portion of the valuation of early stage startups is n… https://t.co/iLVhzWwR5B

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Nate Hopkins   @hopsoft   3 months ago

TIL that a newly generated Rails project receives a score of C from Code Climate because of `babel.config.js`. This… https://t.co/h152e8tiHc

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Lauren Bacon   @laurenbacon   3 months ago

Too many priorities competing for your attention? I wrote a thing about how to decide where your focus belongs, acc… https://t.co/1U8uveoH7h

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Dino A. Dai Zovi @ BH/DC   @dinodaizovi   3 months ago

3. Culture is much more powerful than strategy, which is in turn much more powerful than tactics. Changes to cultur… https://t.co/4z4mvn5OpD

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Dino A. Dai Zovi @ BH/DC   @dinodaizovi   3 months ago

2. Seeking and applying leverage through better feedback loops and delivering software will help us better scale to… https://t.co/jxKWSAxdwT

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Dino A. Dai Zovi @ BH/DC   @dinodaizovi   3 months ago

1. We should reverse engineer our “jobs to be done” by talking to our internal “customers” and understanding their… https://t.co/7xKTH5TLls

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Dino A. Dai Zovi @ BH/DC   @dinodaizovi   3 months ago

My #blackhat keynote (https://t.co/nTbb0LexuU) in a tweet thread. I spent years focusing on the technical offense:… https://t.co/bPyEqBFUF4

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Oded Rechavi 🦉   @OdedRechavi   3 months ago

Every PhD project https://t.co/osL5RitNaC

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