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@Lethain this is good: https://t.co/bC2axGafNP

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Twain   @twainus   about 1 year ago

@KayFButterfield Thanks, Kay. His death set me on a journey of discovery to understand why East & West have such di… https://t.co/1ZETTxxcdQ

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I just saw a TikTok that called the stock market “a graph of rich people feelings” and that’s the most accurate thi… https://t.co/KOFN9xbs2l

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Joshua Potash   @JoshuaPotash   about 1 year ago

Someone made a Cheers bar for this squirrel and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. https://t.co/Xm7wn4aB3s

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Geoffrey Litt   @geoffreylitt   about 1 year ago

Things that could happen if it were 10x easier to ramp up on understanding large codebases: * I could actually mod… https://t.co/6E2ZhhnjAu

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Adam Argyle   @argyleink   about 1 year ago

CSS grid has some rad shorthand! Here's a little sample of what y'all can do with it 💀🤘 https://t.co/P4914JtupY

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Aaron Patterson   @tenderlove   about 1 year ago

I open sourced one of my "I'm not employed right now" projects: https://t.co/Yn2eQyVOLS It's an air quality / temp… https://t.co/SeHdrvkJuR

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I'm tired of having to help network admins figuring out their own routing. I'd like to see a tool to let people con… https://t.co/G3oEYWPPet

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DHH   @dhh   about 1 year ago

Learn how HEY provisions automated developer beta environments using Kubernetes on AWS. Someone should productize t… https://t.co/aOKkjbCT6G

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How many times did X outcome happen this year? How many times did we take Y action which is upstream of X outcome?… https://t.co/CSLR4VjeaB

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   about 1 year ago

I've been using this 1-3s approach for years now and I really enjoy it. The basic idea is that at any given time… https://t.co/YG14zh715G

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   about 1 year ago

Interesting observations from Netflix on moving an image processing service from EC2 to Lambda, including how they… https://t.co/RtjxFlZbYV

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   about 1 year ago

The wicked loop Given limited time -- and limited "political capital" -- where do you intervene? #prodmgmt #ux… https://t.co/4s5nKsplH6

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🌊   @coreload   about 1 year ago

Always worth a retweet. This is Apollo Domain OS. Used it a little at Boeing w/a CASE tool running on it. Then deve… https://t.co/ZOLXUaaqmI

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🚨 Emergency landing of a small plane ✈ this morning around 10:00 AM, on "Highway 40" just outside of #Montreal,… https://t.co/lLRoEFuTQk

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SwiftOnSecurity   @SwiftOnSecurity   about 1 year ago

As an apprentice/student professional, there is understandably a lot of pressure to find quick return-on-investment… https://t.co/nsDJyDF1cw

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swyx   @swyx   about 1 year ago

✍️OSI Layers for Coding Careers https://t.co/6iSkI0KBOV What if we sorted every software job out there into a sin… https://t.co/P9FTmx8X5W

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Pwn All The Things   @pwnallthethings   about 1 year ago

The complicated problem, and why the cryptography spec exists, is how to do that in a way that (a) isn't overly pri… https://t.co/AIXnzps8N6

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Samuel Williams   @ioquatix   about 1 year ago

Here is my latest open source progress report. Hopefully my site doesn't fall over while I'm sleeping, ha. https://t.co/8jTAA2UkSt

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Dave Rupert   @davatron5000   about 1 year ago

This is the best explanation of microservices I've ever heard. https://t.co/R3grywIso8

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. @jessitron and I want to get a more complete picture of the world of development automation. Full in the blank wi… https://t.co/d4sPrEucZ0

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Andy Jassy   @ajassy   about 1 year ago

Breakthroughs around #COVID19 will arrive faster when everyone can access & experiment w/ #data on the pandemic. Th… https://t.co/4w9YP3L5Sl

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Grady Booch   @Grady_Booch   about 1 year ago

The bright and shiny microservice architectures of today will be the obsolete, terrible, and all together bad legac… https://t.co/JxLD7olNOh

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@mitsuhiko It type checked tho.

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Guess how long this was in production and wasn't spotted. A true classic. https://t.co/zBHgstBmCR

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