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Sampson   @jonathansampson   3 months ago

Goodness, even the most mundane bits of software turn out to be fairly amazing when you spend the time to take a cl…

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Andy Johns   @ibringtraffic   3 months ago

Most product team meetings are run poorly. "Standups" is the most common type of useless meeting. Instead, meetings…

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Ana Tudor 🐯   @anatudor   3 months ago

Forked this and used the masked pseudo technique to reduce the generated CSS from what's in the first screenshot (3…

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Brandon Bloom   @BrandonBloom   3 months ago

I don't actually use Haskell, but I read/write it well enough to consume the occasional Haskell paper and digest it…

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Awwwww   @AwwwwCats   3 months ago

Mistakes were made

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Gretchen McCulloch   @GretchenAMcC   3 months ago

Current favourite example of structural ambiguity

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Awwwww   @AwwwwCats   3 months ago

Cat Realizes She Has Ears!

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Thomas Heller   @thheller   3 months ago

I wrote about how to write ClojureScript macros and the most common problems people seem to run into.

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Adam Wathan   @adamwathan   3 months ago

Just an observation but... When stuck in other tools: "This is stupid, what were they thinking when they made it w…

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Ana Tudor 🐯   @anatudor   3 months ago

#Teaser #SneakPeek Can you guess how I did these? No JS, no canvas, no SVG, pure CSS, no images save for CSS gr…

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When in doubt, leave prices alone for existing customers. Otherwise you will likely frustrate them for trivial amo…

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Gene Kim   @RealGeneKim   3 months ago

“My Love Letter To Clojure” How learning Clojure changed my life, reintroduced me to the sheer joy of coding, how…

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Greg Wilson   @gvwilson   3 months ago

If computer scientists had spent as much of the last 40 years thinking about comments as they spent thinking about…

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Miss Amy   @MissAmyTobey   3 months ago

let's be clear: we all fucked this up for devops when it became about tools and deploys rather than relationships a…

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Cory House   @housecor   3 months ago

I've come to realize: Favor opening issues over blocking PRs. A blocked PR has costs: - Must keep merging latest…

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Janna Bastow   @simplybastow   3 months ago

I met an Associate Product Manager at #ProductTank last night, who asked my advice about staying sane in what he co…

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OSS maintainers: What is the minimum amount of money that someone could guarantee you on a monthly basis that would…

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   4 months ago

"When a measure becomes a target it ceases to be a good measure" is what law?” - Goodhart’s Law "When a tool becom…

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Jessica Joy Kerr   @jessitron   4 months ago

Abstraction is a great tool and a terrible goal.

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François Chollet   @fchollet   4 months ago

One of the saddest things about the field of AI is how ahistorical and siloed it is. Some of the key debates of our…

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SQL window functions: how OVER() works

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Brianna   @zebriez   4 months ago

I recently left Stripe after 4.5 formative and magical years. Some reflections on what made working at Stripe feel…

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No one ever talks about how an oubliette implies the existence of a larger, and far more terrifying, oobly.

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Harry Brignull   @harrybr   4 months ago

Atlassian should trademark this sound and play it when anyone opens Jira

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