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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   3 months ago

Still haven't finished reading the Firecracker paper (but almost done), and reading this section brought a😏to my fa…

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Steve Weis   @sweis   3 months ago

Peter Montgomery, inventor of Montgomery Multiplication, died today: That paper was 2 page…

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Steve Krouse   @stevekrouse   3 months ago

"Customizations are software design changes not reflected in the documentation... and are [often] not optimal, beca…

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stephanie   @isosteph   3 months ago

software engineering is an endless process of asking is this code fucking stupid or am i fucking stupid and the answer is usually both

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   3 months ago

Zomg zomg zomg!! I’ve been waiting for this paper to be published for seeming forever now! Just a 5 minute skim…

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Doc Norton   @DocOnDev   3 months ago

A: How long will it take to build this simple feature? B: Well, how should this part work? A: We don't know yet. B…

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John Carlos Baez   @johncarlosbaez   3 months ago

There's a new book on 2-dimensional mathematics, free on the arXiv: With this you can bre…

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Stephen Diehl   @smdiehl   3 months ago

Finally got around to updating my large Haskell guide for Modern Haskell. Hope it is useful for a few more years.…

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   3 months ago

fundamentally, it’s important to be able to quickly tell is a paper is worth reading more closely or not. Next, i…

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Dmitri ☭⚛   @yogthos   3 months ago

Explore an infinite stream of AI generated art

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   3 months ago

Nothing quite beats reading the source to understand how something works. Like reading papers, the ability to rea…

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Addy Osmani   @addyosmani   3 months ago

Tip: helps you find the right git commands quickly. Super handy reference.

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Dan Luu   @danluu   3 months ago

Nice bug report on a fun bug

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Grady Booch   @Grady_Booch   3 months ago

Ok, this fixes the Linux time overflow problem that hits in the year 2038. But it DOES just kick the can down the…

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Ian Chan   @chanian   3 months ago

🤯 The origin/making of the Seinfeld theme. So much to unpack here... First: This dude. Second: He re-recorded it…

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Marc Köhlbrugge   @marckohlbrugge   3 months ago

Want to learn how to diagnose a slow Ruby on Rails app? Watch @nateberkopec analyse @shpigford's PLYLST app. Really…

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Peter Cooper   @peterc   3 months ago

I'm so impressed how easy it is to deploy "serverless" Ruby (yes, Ruby!) functions on @zeithq I just had to show it…

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Erin Biba   @erinbiba   3 months ago

Even though diagrams always display the earth's mantle as red because it's hot, the truth is the rock is olivine so…

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Schneier Blog   @schneierblog   3 months ago

DNSSEC Keysigning Ceremony Postponed Because of Locked Safe

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Ben Hamner   @benhamner   4 months ago

We just launched the toughest @kaggle competition in a long time with @fchollet. Can software learn to generalize c…

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Patrick McKenzie   @patio11   4 months ago

Periodic plug for , particularly if you're stressing on business bookkeeping prior to tax s…

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Deirdre   @figgled   4 months ago

overheard a teenage boy buying a Valentine's card that said 'we are the same kind of weird'. shop assistant said 'i…

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Addy Osmani   @addyosmani   4 months ago

The specification for native image lazy-loading has been merged into the HTML standard! 🎉…

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Naomi Wu 机械妖姬   @RealSexyCyborg   4 months ago

My friend CTT came up with a very interesting design for proximity sensing, no-contact elevator buttons- that still…

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   4 months ago

"If you can accurately estimate it ... and it is going to take longer than a couple months ... that's a good signal…

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