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magpie, online   @the_magp1e   12 months ago

When your cat levels up:

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DHH   @dhh   12 months ago

"Dr Brené Brown describes being 'crazy busy' as a numbing strategy we use to avoid facing the truth of our lives. W…

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Carolyn   @carolstran   12 months ago

🙋‍♀️ Anyone else always work on two tasks at the same time - one that’s hard and one that you know you can do so yo…

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Andrew Clark   @acdlite   12 months ago

On GitHub, I wish you could review parts of the code that haven't changed. Maybe this was an intentional product c…

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Ryn Daniels   @rynchantress   12 months ago

every time i change regions in the aws console this pops into my head and now it can be in your head too... NORTH…

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   12 months ago

.@gitamar OWKRs: * Objective * Why? (new) — a short (2–3 sentences) explanation of why this goal is the best thin…

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Mark Burnett 𓆈   @m8urnett   12 months ago

I just discovered where you can find and preview monospaced fonts. Because I am on a consta…

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Samuel Williams   @ioquatix   12 months ago

When your specs all pass but your code still doesn't work...

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Aaron Patterson   @tenderlove   12 months ago

I'm so excited because today is my first day working at @Shopify! I joined the Ruby and Rails Infrastructure team w…

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Kaeli Swift, Ph.D.   @corvidresearch   12 months ago


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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   12 months ago

Config changes are the # 1 reason for Google's major outages (chapter 14, Google SWE book). The chapter mentions a…

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   12 months ago

Was chatting with someone recently who deeply understands things like limiting WIP, pull systems, taming utilizatio…

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Yesterday I changed the name of my WIFI to "Hack if you can". Today I found it named "challenge accepted". 🤔😂

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Dmitri ☭⚛   @yogthos   12 months ago

Learn #ClojureScript online book

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@Lethain this is good:

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Twain   @twainus   12 months ago

@KayFButterfield Thanks, Kay. His death set me on a journey of discovery to understand why East & West have such di…

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I just saw a TikTok that called the stock market “a graph of rich people feelings” and that’s the most accurate thi…

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Joshua Potash   @JoshuaPotash   12 months ago

Someone made a Cheers bar for this squirrel and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.

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Geoffrey Litt   @geoffreylitt   12 months ago

Things that could happen if it were 10x easier to ramp up on understanding large codebases: * I could actually mod…

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Adam Argyle   @argyleink   12 months ago

CSS grid has some rad shorthand! Here's a little sample of what y'all can do with it 💀🤘

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Aaron Patterson   @tenderlove   12 months ago

I open sourced one of my "I'm not employed right now" projects: It's an air quality / temp…

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Mark Burnett 𓆈   @m8urnett   12 months ago

I'm tired of having to help network admins figuring out their own routing. I'd like to see a tool to let people con…

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DHH   @dhh   12 months ago

Learn how HEY provisions automated developer beta environments using Kubernetes on AWS. Someone should productize t…

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Patrick McKenzie   @patio11   12 months ago

How many times did X outcome happen this year? How many times did we take Y action which is upstream of X outcome?…

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   12 months ago

I've been using this 1-3s approach for years now and I really enjoy it. The basic idea is that at any given time…

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