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lmstr   @lemmster   3 months ago

Come on: Object deepCopy() { return this; }

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Geoffrey Litt   @geoffreylitt   3 months ago

Neat site by @MSFTResearch: interactive web playgrounds for trying out dozens of software analysis tools. I find t… https://t.co/JMi9gOBmkQ

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Pernosco   @_pernosco_   3 months ago

An overview of our goals and guiding principles (in particular debugging workflows, omniscience, and interface desi… https://t.co/bDX2eNdJaG

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Ali Spittel 🐞   @ASpittel   3 months ago

If you're going through a big life shift or you're learning something new, remember the emotional cycle of change.… https://t.co/rrDTka6TKD

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Programming Wisdom   @CodeWisdom   3 months ago

"You haven't mastered a tool until you understand when it should not be used." - @kelseyhightower

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Jessica Joy Kerr   @jessitron   3 months ago

A manifesto for solving complex problems that you can't full understand or specify: https://t.co/YynOa1jyRDhttps://t.co/1nNrwmYilA

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Jessica Joy Kerr   @jessitron   3 months ago

From my keynote at #tdconf19 References at the bottom of this post: https://t.co/2UUl6WMAcI

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Katerina Borodina   @kathyra_   3 months ago

"so what should we name all these things that we connect to the internet?" "internet of things" "damn that's good… https://t.co/id9P4whEoq

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Rich Rogers   @RichRogersIoT   3 months ago

It is important to invest in both the visible & the invisible... https://t.co/VAczUWEuYG

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Thomas G. Dietterich   @tdietterich   3 months ago

I just published What does it mean for a machine to ‘understand’? https://t.co/iyJlgvA0Le 1/

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Jowanza Joseph   @Jowanza   3 months ago

Sharing the project I worked on for months on hacker news https://t.co/RcRTMndgAL

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Avdi Grimm   @avdi   3 months ago

My @nordicjs talk is online! Stripping down a 45+-minute talk to 25min was stressful, but I'm really happy with the… https://t.co/DV8v7gYXNv

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Nate Hopkins   @hopsoft   3 months ago

We've started a demos site for StimulusReflex and already have some fun and useful demos that help illustrate the t… https://t.co/ZgcpAooKry

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An exchange I've had more times than I can count: "Interesting. The package manager for JavaScript… So what does i… https://t.co/xOoUtxcLDk

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zach bonaker   @zachbonaker   3 months ago

I once watched a CEO pop bottles of champagne in a conf room with other senior leaders after a software product was… https://t.co/HxHJxzNyYl

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Ana Tudor 🐯   @anatudor   3 months ago

More than 2 years ago, I coded this pan and zoom SVG 🗺 demo live on @CodePen: https://t.co/7esuUcuKtH video of me… https://t.co/EWmLV87Ikg

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Andrew M. Webb   @AndrewM_Webb   3 months ago

Solution: Sample from a distribution with positive probability for any interval, e.g., a standard normal. If the nu… https://t.co/0g9KqAUeWK

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Nate Berkopec   @nateberkopec   3 months ago

Anyone out there using Trimmings? It looks like a continuation of PJAX and UJS https://t.co/5ABelYcTwS

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Andrew M. Webb   @AndrewM_Webb   3 months ago

Puzzle: I generate 2 real numbers by some process and put them in 2 envelopes. I choose one using a fair coin toss… https://t.co/iwJyodWEQZ

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Manuel Matuzović   @mmatuzo   3 months ago

I proudly present… 🔥HTMHell🔥 A collection of bad practices in HTML, copied from real websites. Send me your cont… https://t.co/wEJeUOukqO

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Ruby Inside   @RubyInside   3 months ago

Piperator 1.0: Composable Pipelines for Enumerators - https://t.co/Dbxfg3QS4e (Inspired by both Elixir's pipe operator and Node.js streams.)

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Kyle Russell 🚀   @kylebrussell   3 months ago

Looking behind the scenes at a startup that looks like it’s crushing it https://t.co/CkjBTujDjX

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   3 months ago

The $10m engineering problem https://t.co/54pMVPimwS This is plain awesome work from @segment using a wide variety… https://t.co/6hpUH6w7p6

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John Carlos Baez   @johncarlosbaez   3 months ago

"Screw theory" was invented by a guy named Ball. There should be a joke in there somewhere. But what it is it?… https://t.co/SNKjiwzi2H

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There are two ways to have brilliant ideas: 1) The hard way: Try to come up with all the ideas yourself. 2) The e… https://t.co/luLwuVTDQN

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