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HydroxyCoreyQuinn   @QuinnyPig   over 1 year ago

Companies forget that interviews are a two way street. Strive for the people you reject to say "wow, I'm sad I did… https://t.co/7XEKlgMCyq

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@rakyll I like that we have this: https://t.co/LKhIv0FURL

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   over 1 year ago

Reading a postmortem which reads: “we had outages due to config changes to our DB and LB; we had a staging env bu… https://t.co/lVdetUsnvd

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I got about ~40% faster solving sudoku after casually watching an hour of YouTube (turns out sudoku YouTube is a th… https://t.co/6L6YDPXbya

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Avdi Grimm   @avdi   over 1 year ago

Set out to write about mapping ~/.netrc into development Docker containers, wound up documenting some of my other e… https://t.co/xKx6gz0HL7

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Dmitri ☭⚛   @yogthos   over 1 year ago

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thoughtbot   @thoughtbot   over 1 year ago

Getting back to work after an extended leave-of-absence is hard. Here’s some helpful tips to help get you back on t… https://t.co/oyMFscEP2M

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1. Use secure defaults 2. Principle of least privilege 3. Defense in Depth 4. Don't trust user input I discuss all… https://t.co/aiim71Nme8

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Nick Maggiulli   @dollarsanddata   over 1 year ago

This is the most powerful blog post @morganhousel has ever written. I don't say that lightly. If there is one thi… https://t.co/JfXqf31XJC

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How do we identify that system? https://t.co/EbKVX6bKWf

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What system does a manager manage? https://t.co/WtYudQQSnp

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A manager's job is to continuously strive to better understand their system, and to act on that system to influence… https://t.co/y5hkop6Ugw

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nebulab_it   @nebulab_it   over 1 year ago

Technical skills cannot always justify gaps in the performance of individuals or teams. There must be a more import… https://t.co/8aerxHRhSC

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Corey Quinn   @QuinnyPig   over 1 year ago

UTC is the proper server time zone unless you want an incredibly complex problem after you scale. Fixing this spe… https://t.co/RiELcYXGiF

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Paul Graham   @paulg   over 1 year ago

Underappreciated competitive advantage: letting people do x without creating an account.

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Dare Obasanjo   @Carnage4Life   over 1 year ago

What it's like getting requirements from your sales team instead of talking to customers directly. https://t.co/G0mI8vslmU

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@swyx @Coding_Career I also really like this model of progression for mentoring because it provides a more objectiv… https://t.co/sMMDOncUN7

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Rule #1 of freelancing: Never do any work for free. Rule #2 of freelancing: If a lead asks to decrease the overall… https://t.co/oo8wIuWPDT

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Ben Simo   @QualityFrog   over 1 year ago

Q: When I was 4, my sister was 2. I am now 44. How old is my sister? Programmer: 44 - (4 - 2) = 42 Tester: https://t.co/0g4i3Q9ugn

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juan   @juanbuis   over 1 year ago

absolutely obsessed with this massive wave illusion artwork in korea https://t.co/fir3V85geI

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Shopify   @Shopify   over 1 year ago

"Is that pressure cooker too big for my counter?" "Where would I put that BBQ in my yard?" We built… https://t.co/t7PSREfEq8

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Kevin Deisz   @kddeisz   over 1 year ago

I've been programming for about 15 years now, and a lot has changed. I was trying to think about what has stayed th… https://t.co/n7ycfAI4wR

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Martin Fowler   @martinfowler   over 1 year ago

new post in branching patterns After various release-oriented patterns, I finish this section with the one that's… https://t.co/KnJiSD2sYk

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Adam Wathan   @adamwathan   over 1 year ago

💡 Want to find a good SaaS idea? Start a business, literally any business. You will soon realize how bad every exi… https://t.co/7Zt9YrqMDq

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Miguel Palhas   @naps62   over 1 year ago

This is an amazing learning tool for any developer to get a sense of how fast various operations are. Something I t… https://t.co/D3LhFhzOtk

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