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This morning, after six years of pouring my life into the mission, the staff, and the creators of @kickstarter, I w… https://t.co/5w999Qt0Zg

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Mike Groseclose ☕   @mikrofusion   2 months ago

“Managing the present to create a new direction of travel is more important than creating false expectations about… https://t.co/QdoecPr8g1

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Here's my best advice: if someone tries to make you write code on a whiteboard, say you're sorry, you don't think t… https://t.co/LWaVMi2JcV

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Paul-Jan Pauptit   @PaulJanPauptit   2 months ago

@rovarma @sehurlburt Also, the slightly more complex: individual devs might have seen massive amounts of pain in ad… https://t.co/6L2USADNZT

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@sehurlburt One thing we’ve noticed is that lower level engineers vastly underestimate the amount of effort require… https://t.co/MxNhqoq6bZ

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Stephanie Hurlburt   @sehurlburt   2 months ago

Random business tip Engineers get promoted for writing cool code themselves. Devrel for good PR. Product people fo… https://t.co/rRrBZEXC8Q

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Andy Johns   @ibringtraffic   2 months ago

I've been a part of some quality debates recently on the role of a product manager. So, I decided to write down som… https://t.co/mAsWd4RafV

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We made a pledge to set a new direction in tech. Because change comes from all os us working in tech. Just signed a… https://t.co/k4sUL5s7Tn

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Every writer you love has written far more, far worse words than you have. Every painter you love has painted far… https://t.co/iD5xvDSjbV

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Ruby Inside   @RubyInside   2 months ago

Numbered Parameters Coming to Ruby 2.7, With a New Syntax: https://t.co/wY1hO5noCU

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Sarah Drasner   @sarah_edo   2 months ago

👩🏻‍💻Looking to get into contributing to Open Source? I wrote up a little guide to help you get started. Teaches t… https://t.co/x595AUTKlA

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Emma Wedekind 🐞   @EmmaWedekind   2 months ago

I am a speaker at conferences, but I also have severe social anxiety. If you’re scared to talk to me, just keep in… https://t.co/Bm0cK1Rs5A

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Patrick McKenzie   @patio11   2 months ago

The not-so-dirty not-so-secret about companies at small scales is that the amount of works look infinite because th… https://t.co/HgQh1bQr6w

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Hiten Shah   @hnshah   2 months ago

I was speaking to a room full of first-time founders today. I asked each person to share their #1 challenge. Half… https://t.co/lzIIzmtZ5Q

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Farbod Saraf   @farbodsaraf   2 months ago

That is one fast cameraman https://t.co/9v6ZToFPSb

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Tony Hawk   @tonyhawk   2 months ago

Senior pic, 1986. My careers teacher berated me for finishing workbook pages that he hadn’t assigned yet. He told m… https://t.co/drW1ZK1St5

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Coraline Ada Ehmke   @CoralineAda   2 months ago

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I got promoted to architect. I’m still getting my feet under me, but there are som… https://t.co/pcp6EtfLky

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Mike Gale   @MikeJGale   2 months ago

@jonathansampson Fundamental problem of some "help systems". They appear deliberately designed to prevent the comp… https://t.co/RUMhx8bOCA

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Ruby Inside   @RubyInside   2 months ago

3 Keys to Upgrading Rails: https://t.co/UaJ13TbAry (Thoughts on building a proper workflow to upgrade Rails apps be… https://t.co/oJm4jyLQoa

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Eric Weinstein   @EricRWeinstein   2 months ago

I’ve been told I’m, dyslexic, dysgraphic, color blind, processing impaired w low executive functioning, ADD & I suf… https://t.co/F7xpP6jCiW

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Crux: Our final database migration https://t.co/ZR8ExCRJat

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Kat Marchán   @maybekatz   2 months ago

Here it is, my first @ThePracticalDev article: A System for Sustainable FOSS. This is a proposal system, with detai… https://t.co/Za4FxWBStJ

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David Crawshaw   @davidcrawshaw   2 months ago

Great post, but they left out the part where you spend hours reading bad vendor docs to figure out how to generate… https://t.co/wLdT34MTRu

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wallingf   @wallingf   2 months ago

"If a message can be understood in different ways, it will be understood in just that way which does the most harm.… https://t.co/cdiipJLtJY

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michael_nielsen   @michael_nielsen   2 months ago

@patio11 I'd like an empirical answer to question (b). Here's the (thrown away, since it didn't work) draft intro t… https://t.co/spAND6efhI

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