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./orta --tsc   @orta   2 months ago

Key quote found for my annual writeup found on @quora - hah! https://t.co/EwJuzUmJi9 https://t.co/sbf0AHlqnW

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Jay Phelps   @_jayphelps   2 months ago

Want to learn the fundamentals of how nearly all modern JavaScript engines implemented? Here's a wonderful blog and… https://t.co/3e6Og9pKB3

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Thomas Ptacek   @tqbf   2 months ago

This is a GREAT bug. https://t.co/UARhZExQOZ

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Ryan Singer   @rjs   2 months ago

A reader asked if Shape Up can apply to client work. Answer: https://t.co/atUfg7w2vU

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Stripe   @stripe   2 months ago

The Stripe CLI is now available! Build, test, and manage your Stripe integration right from your terminal. 💻🔧 https://t.co/Dfv2mMcf8x

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Light Commands is a vulnerability of MEMS microphones that allows attackers to remotely inject inaudible and invisi… https://t.co/MUAJxooxTp

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Misty   @mistydemeo   3 months ago

PROTIP: if you don’t want to update to macOS Catalina, and you don’t want Software Update bugging you about it, jus… https://t.co/1Q44hdu4HU

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Pascal Dennerly   @pascaldoesgo   3 months ago

@deniseyu21 @JamieTanna @davecheney has an interesting take on this. It's more a strategy than the language around… https://t.co/rObuJAqdwy

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   3 months ago

It's *so nice* reviewing PR's where: - commits are small and hermetic - commits with functionality change is separa… https://t.co/WKx9jaqR4t

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Farbod Saraf   @farbodsaraf   3 months ago

This brilliant painting shows human aging in real time https://t.co/3Ly6Nf5qtw

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Greg Wilson   @gvwilson   3 months ago

@dan_abramov "The Architecture of Open Source Applications" https://t.co/j2AGbqdNzx The first two volumes are princ… https://t.co/PyYymWZYcX

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mdowd   @mdowd   3 months ago

Fun fact: There is an island called “NULL island” at long/lat co-ords 0,0 and like in computers, it is unmapped (d… https://t.co/1tEjwGhDLl

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Farbod Saraf   @farbodsaraf   3 months ago

“It isn’t that they cannot find the solution. It is that they cannot see the problem.” https://t.co/e41M978aK9

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   3 months ago

The shifts.... from waterfall to product team Of course there is no end-state. #agile #devops #ux #prodmgmt… https://t.co/yGuJjusrJu

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 s kjrty normal

Do you organise/attend retrospective meetings? If you do - what do they look like? If you don’t - why?

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Cory House   @housecor   3 months ago

You can conditionally add JavaScript array elements in a single expression. How? Use spread: const arr = [ ...… https://t.co/TfUDk6iFII

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Not Will Ferrell   @itsWillyFerrell   3 months ago

When you wake up and find out your balls are gone... https://t.co/lMhXa0TVH0

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   3 months ago

Why teams struggle with being more outcome aware. https://t.co/DL1ZHvrtv6

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Been working on a data flow engine for #Clojure/Script with a few friends, and we finally have it in a state where… https://t.co/uC42x9IbZg

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Dana DiTomaso   @danaditomaso   3 months ago

Just over a week ago, we moved a client from a very slow web host to a very zippy one. We only moved the site, didn… https://t.co/mmhJAHlDZt

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alisha   @alishabhag   3 months ago

ALL MAJORS ARE VALUABLE - we need stem majors 2 help build the guillotines - we need humanities majors 2 tell us… https://t.co/GJIzM5VNpS

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Hillel   @hillelogram   3 months ago

I'm going to share a bomb-ass TLA+ talk I gave last year AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME https://t.co/ZjyhChPj2H

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meowza   @meowza   3 months ago

Untitled spreadsheet https://t.co/UIFLg9Wuox

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John Hawthorn   @jhawthorn   3 months ago

.@tenderlove found a Ruby optimization that was only being used by GCC. We've turned it on for clang so Ruby 2.7 sh… https://t.co/ZRJ8l4boQN

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Mike Monteiro🌹   @monteiro   3 months ago

No it does not. https://t.co/YlJ9eIDJXz

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