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Gimi Liang   @lzhm   2 months ago

I wish I have watched this earlier: Effective Programs - 10 Years of Clojure - Rich Hickey https://t.co/U3VNLf0M1b

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Jessica Joy Kerr   @jessitron   2 months ago

“When I see code, I often look at it in terms of how much complexity is this eliminating or creating.” for the cal… https://t.co/7AWckB8aeb

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Farbod Saraf   @farbodsaraf   2 months ago

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geoffrey huntley   @GeoffreyHuntley   2 months ago

life as a opensource maintainer https://t.co/3FUrn5iB9F

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Stewart Alsop III   @StewartalsopIII   2 months ago

Writing is not just another skill. It is a technology that humans have been collectively perfecting for thousands o… https://t.co/RiHQhdoo6p

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Eric Elliott   @_ericelliott   2 months ago

To make your UI better, simplify. To make your code better, simplify. To make your process better, simplify.

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Adrian Colyer   @adriancolyer   2 months ago

"Taiji: managing global traffic for large-scale Internet services at the edge" Xu et al., SOSP'19.… https://t.co/KmDilW8Sbw

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slowly getting closer to a SQL zine https://t.co/vvYv7XtREn

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David Tuite   @dtuite   2 months ago

One of my teams started doing OKRs a about 9 months ago. We did our first OKR retro today. Our number one mistake w… https://t.co/eFW7MuUtSa

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   2 months ago

Docker succeeded not because of “the tech” (containers) but because it was a great developer tool. Kubernetes bui… https://t.co/XZImuSMqXE

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Eva is a distributed database-system implementing an entity-attribute-value data-model that is time-aware, accumula… https://t.co/VtdWXA3gWY

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Jessica Joy Kerr   @jessitron   2 months ago

I sat down to learn enough PowerShell to recreate one of my bash functions. What have I learned so far?

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Jerry Neumann   @ganeumann   2 months ago

Hanging at one of the kid’s schools https://t.co/jsI5CYZljC

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I have often wondered about the change in DHH over the years and now I do not wonder anymore. https://t.co/bDKwcnbqRU

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Faces in Things   @FacesPics   2 months ago

I thought this was a Muppet at first https://t.co/gAaetsscIg

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Dan Bunea   @danbunea   2 months ago

#Clojure is not about coolness, is about #managingComplexity. And #complexity is about #predictability. Doing x, wi… https://t.co/LBVkw8B6p7

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Rick Viscomi @ CDS   @rick_viscomi   2 months ago

🎉 Announcing the Web Almanac! 🥳 It's a free, open source, community-made ebook written by web experts to annually… https://t.co/Zbt7vgShni

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Samuel Williams   @ioquatix   2 months ago

If you want to try your own skill at detecting deadlocks and other race conditions, you might like to try https://t.co/JykqSVvdvd

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Samuel Williams   @ioquatix   2 months ago

My talk at #RubyWorld conference 2019 (English): https://t.co/NJbd2oErlN

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Matt Turck   @mattturck   2 months ago

The junior person you ignore or dismiss today will be the decision-maker of tomorrow. When your paths cross again… https://t.co/Y2Jl5KGYpl

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Michael Liendo   @mtliendo   2 months ago

Devs: I can’t believe you’re still using jQuery. Times have changed! You should adapt! Also devs: Look, it’s calle… https://t.co/8MnkEXiNZ9

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Pinboard   @Pinboard   2 months ago

@letsencrypt So @joshu wrote a good thing about this in 2009. It's online to read today in large part because it's… https://t.co/KNBaLDoMhl

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George Wilson   @GeorgeTalksCode   2 months ago

@Symbo1ics @hydo f x -- obscure and mathematical (f x) -- too many parentheses f(x) -- PERFECT

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Symbo1ics Ideas   @Symbo1ics   2 months ago

"Lisp has too many parentheses" https://t.co/qNrz7fhlGz

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   2 months ago

Feature-less Roadmap: The Balance Between Delivering Concrete Features vs. Planning with High-level Themes https://t.co/cEfC3WfbTC

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