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Ana Tudor 🐯   @anatudor   about 1 month ago

#Teaser #SneakPeek Can you guess how I did these? No JS, no canvas, no SVG, pure CSS, no images save for CSS gr… https://t.co/TdUuAv4BtO

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When in doubt, leave prices alone for existing customers. Otherwise you will likely frustrate them for trivial amo… https://t.co/q8Pgf3rbgW

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Gene Kim   @RealGeneKim   about 1 month ago

“My Love Letter To Clojure” How learning Clojure changed my life, reintroduced me to the sheer joy of coding, how… https://t.co/l0c9vS2iuc

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Greg Wilson   @gvwilson   about 1 month ago

If computer scientists had spent as much of the last 40 years thinking about comments as they spent thinking about… https://t.co/sHN9I3RRjL

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Miss Amy   @MissAmyTobey   about 1 month ago

let's be clear: we all fucked this up for devops when it became about tools and deploys rather than relationships a… https://t.co/p9RgEtlr2Q

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Cory House   @housecor   about 1 month ago

I've come to realize: Favor opening issues over blocking PRs. A blocked PR has costs: - Must keep merging latest… https://t.co/WQbydQnYGl

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Janna Bastow   @simplybastow   about 1 month ago

I met an Associate Product Manager at #ProductTank last night, who asked my advice about staying sane in what he co… https://t.co/tKyKLbWuE3

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OSS maintainers: What is the minimum amount of money that someone could guarantee you on a monthly basis that would… https://t.co/7W4PhIWm4T

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   about 1 month ago

"When a measure becomes a target it ceases to be a good measure" is what law?” - Goodhart’s Law "When a tool becom… https://t.co/L0BDYG0dB6

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Jessica Joy Kerr   @jessitron   about 1 month ago

Abstraction is a great tool and a terrible goal.

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One of the saddest things about the field of AI is how ahistorical and siloed it is. Some of the key debates of our… https://t.co/BtrkRie1sc

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SQL window functions: how OVER() works https://t.co/zQhPqtTzQy

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Brianna   @zebriez   about 1 month ago

I recently left Stripe after 4.5 formative and magical years. Some reflections on what made working at Stripe feel… https://t.co/gURSIvyPvM

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No one ever talks about how an oubliette implies the existence of a larger, and far more terrifying, oobly.

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Atlassian should trademark this sound and play it when anyone opens Jira https://t.co/f9eAfMpdmE

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Andy Matuschak   @andy_matuschak   about 1 month ago

Tools for thought are a beautiful idea—inventions which can “change the thought patterns of an entire civilization.… https://t.co/mWheCQTE0d

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Jason Fried   @jasonfried   about 1 month ago

“Crunch time” isn’t about a lack of time, it’s about unreasonable expectations. Another two weeks won’t solve that.… https://t.co/8tTHwnU93H

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Liz Love   @lizzielove   about 1 month ago

You know you’re a product manager when you wonder how you might do a small test with a new recipe before “rolling i… https://t.co/K5jYeHnmwR

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Emad Shanab   @Alra3ees   about 1 month ago

Privilege-Escalation: This cheasheet is aimed at the CTF Players and Beginners to help them understand the fundamen… https://t.co/1KXkfle212

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   about 2 months ago

Blogged: Testing in Production, the hard parts https://t.co/eLpK81HYh1 Topics include: - patterns to curtail bla… https://t.co/xlfFQumU1x

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   about 2 months ago

“Build something users love” is a piece of advice that’s often given. I’ve never encountered a piece of software… https://t.co/1bPZuXklod

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Canniбal   @Cannibal   about 2 months ago

Not mine but I'll be dam-ed if this isn't accurate. https://t.co/BiVCtYWhro

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Ruby Inside   @RubyInside   about 2 months ago

Debugging Memory Leaks in Ruby On Rails Applications: https://t.co/jQW19TE01a (This is a specific case that was sol… https://t.co/rMvefdaMSl

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Elad Gil   @eladgil   about 2 months ago

Potentially false signs of traction: -CEO speaking at a lot of events -"Thought leader" piece in a media outlet -Gr… https://t.co/isoc2nQPyS

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