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Melissa McEwen   @melissamcewen   7 months ago

Writing a horror book called “Chores you didn’t know existed and were supposed to be doing all along“

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Mariana Beldi   @marianabeldi   8 months ago

SVG icons: - Learn to write them on @css 👉 https://t.co/iLf2YMyBQJ - Grab them from https://t.co/TOcHwu41TA - Pract… https://t.co/ysVSvhAyHN

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Oh, come on Wikipedia! This was perfect! https://t.co/vabMV8ELYj

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fogus   @fogus   8 months ago

In my years of consulting I've often advocated for a company glossary that holds the terms and meanings of the phra… https://t.co/Sqabk9o43k

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Kelsey Hightower   @kelseyhightower   8 months ago

Adoption is to DevRel what reliability is to SRE.

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Yukihiro Matsumoto   @yukihiro_matz   8 months ago

Ruby Creator Yukihiro Matsumoto on the Challenges of Updating a Programming Language – The New Stack https://t.co/TK8HnZD3rY

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vitalik.eth   @VitalikButerin   8 months ago

I actually really love this visualization of ethereum: https://t.co/ZgBFRPJcds Both because it's memorizing, but… https://t.co/ZujO6OGqZX

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Simon Willison   @simonw   8 months ago

Just released airtable-export - a command-line tool for exporting data from Airtable and writing it to disk as YAML… https://t.co/Rqqni4ug2T

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Ryan Schauland   @rschauland   8 months ago

@AlanMCole Y'all know you can change the default setting on this, right? https://t.co/RhMSlg1q2d

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   8 months ago

"Ergo: zemblanity, the opposite of serendipity, the faculty of making unhappy, unlucky and expected discoveries by… https://t.co/zjg4Qze4KZ

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Joshua Cyr   @jcyr   8 months ago

Cleaning out my barn this afternoon, specifically an open top trash can I was collecting some recycling in. Half w… https://t.co/xCpWdD6rJW

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Tezz   @SwaggedOut_Taco   8 months ago

My porch light kept coming on and I was wondering why. I go to the door to see what's up thinking it could be a dee… https://t.co/d02xyIXysL

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VisArch   @ruthmalan   8 months ago

We’re drawn to lead, to enable something. Something different — better! — than the way things are. https://t.co/Ih63yNcUfG

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Shreyas Doshi   @shreyas   8 months ago

For any difficult or high-impact product decision, we typically face a plethora of questions about what tradeoffs t… https://t.co/faUOuiNTeY

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Ted Mielczarek   @TedMielczarek   8 months ago

I'm convinced that the biggest problem Mozilla had was that the business model we stumbled into (ad revenue sharing… https://t.co/NoHATh2PFn

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Juvoni Beckford   @juvoni   8 months ago

The R.P.G Productivity System 📅 Weekly Review ⚙️ Weekly Planning 🗂 Weekly Grooming Structured sessions for balanc… https://t.co/i3uEwi3t6H

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MachinePix   @MachinePix   8 months ago

19th century Gothic hobnail safe by Magaud de Charf. https://t.co/9IE0wRSsmK

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John Mair ☽   @banisterfiend   8 months ago

@m8urnett @TheAllBox https://t.co/j9RxoYVXlo

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Critical PGP bug just disclosed: if an attacker responds to an encrypted message with "This doesn't decrypt for me,… https://t.co/MHn4n4PD3w

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Joel Denning   @Joelbdenning   9 months ago

TIL you can reduce the disk size of your git repo by running `git gc --aggressive` My `.git` directory was reduced… https://t.co/LBFyOIs6f2

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I’m fascinated by the rules of this game https://t.co/JIIzJKvGOD

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DHH   @dhh   9 months ago

This is a 30-minute deconstruction of Silicon Valley values, goals, and methods with the point of showing a differe… https://t.co/1Dd4SI9CcN

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Gregor   @gr2m   9 months ago

tl;dr: git config --global init.defaultBranch main

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Tom Kerwin   @uxdesigntom   9 months ago

This instinct to work in a linear and “efficient” way, rather than a loopish and effective (but "inefficient" way)… https://t.co/8Ma56tOmFc

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François Chollet   @fchollet   9 months ago

Keras Tweetorial: this is how you implement custom training logic that you can use with `fit()` (shown here: just a… https://t.co/UbnE5W8UDR

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