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Oisín Moran   @TheOisinMoran   10 months ago

As promised, here is a write up on how I made a self-quoting tweet: https://t.co/0u2gOR8ZRU

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"You should prefer orchestration within the bounded context of a microservice, but prefer choreography between boun… https://t.co/2BbHhiOdFG

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DHH   @dhh   11 months ago

Delegated types is the pattern that has had the most profound impact on how we do domain modeling at Basecamp. Intr… https://t.co/xdMlzmW9H9

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Naval   @naval   11 months ago

The price of trying to make everyone else happy is making yourself miserable.

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i’ve been sick, tired, stressed and pressed for the last 8 months straight so getting back into the hard stuff (wr… https://t.co/4xVgJu3Utu

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While I specialize in formal methods and half-baked twitter takes, I also have a deep interest in software history.… https://t.co/zRtiwkdFQ3

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Tech Burrito   @TechAmazing   11 months ago

Spread some love. https://t.co/DDGqpoCHj6

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Tiger Webb   @tfswebb   12 months ago

this has been a saga https://t.co/RKUTBxxBij

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Kate Temkin   @ktemkin   12 months ago

A few people have asked things in a vein of "why is USB3 so much more work to implement than USB2?", so I wrote up… https://t.co/VCDc8y8IFo

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Ava   @noampomsky   12 months ago

totally changed my life when I learned that emotions are not innate but culturally constructed: the biological axes… https://t.co/w67u8iVOB8

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Ricky Mondello   @rmondello   about 1 year ago

I love this post on GitHub’s blog about their adoption of the domain-bound code standard for SMS-delivered one-time… https://t.co/CpDILul0Sv

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Nikita Baksalyar   @nbaksalyar   about 1 year ago

I'm excited to launch Low-Level Academy (https://t.co/XLIEuL3IWi), an explorable systems programming course that us… https://t.co/GsCyGDPu5G

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Mathias Verraes   @mathiasverraes   about 1 year ago

The most complete deconstruction of the software craftsmanship movement you'll ever read. By @einarwh https://t.co/GgR8lwupzH

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NumPy   @numpy_team   about 1 year ago

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ShelleyLinn🍀   @Celtic_Asynja   about 1 year ago

A perfectly timed photo of a Raven stealing the sun in a smokey Pacific Northwest. Photo by Shelley Lewis Photogra… https://t.co/PiKChxOHSv

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Stathis Sideris   @stathissideris   about 1 year ago

Just published a long-overdue mega-blog on #Clojure spec, what it is and what you can do with it (explained with di… https://t.co/EHPwDfysIO

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Melissa McEwen   @melissamcewen   about 1 year ago

Writing a horror book called “Chores you didn’t know existed and were supposed to be doing all along“

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Mariana Beldi   @marianabeldi   about 1 year ago

SVG icons: - Learn to write them on @css 👉 https://t.co/iLf2YMyBQJ - Grab them from https://t.co/TOcHwu41TA - Pract… https://t.co/ysVSvhAyHN

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Oh, come on Wikipedia! This was perfect! https://t.co/vabMV8ELYj

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fogus   @fogus   about 1 year ago

In my years of consulting I've often advocated for a company glossary that holds the terms and meanings of the phra… https://t.co/Sqabk9o43k

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Kelsey Hightower   @kelseyhightower   about 1 year ago

Adoption is to DevRel what reliability is to SRE.

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Yukihiro Matsumoto   @yukihiro_matz   about 1 year ago

Ruby Creator Yukihiro Matsumoto on the Challenges of Updating a Programming Language – The New Stack https://t.co/TK8HnZD3rY

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vitalik.eth   @VitalikButerin   about 1 year ago

I actually really love this visualization of ethereum: https://t.co/ZgBFRPJcds Both because it's memorizing, but… https://t.co/ZujO6OGqZX

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Just released airtable-export - a command-line tool for exporting data from Airtable and writing it to disk as YAML… https://t.co/Rqqni4ug2T

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Ryan Schauland   @rschauland   about 1 year ago

@AlanMCole Y'all know you can change the default setting on this, right? https://t.co/RhMSlg1q2d

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