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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   almost 8 years ago

Who doesn't need pie charts to show progress on some page on your web app? ;) http://t.co/6ZwW4ugD

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Form & Future   @formandfuture   almost 8 years ago

"Designers often have to see further into the future than the rest of the world." http://t.co/RqukO4Er

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My new NY Times column... in which I painstakingly review **40** styluses for tablets and phones! http://t.co/iYs2ldjl

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Venture Hacks   @venturehacks   almost 8 years ago

Insane amount of info on recruiting by Reddit CEO @yishan on @quora http://t.co/QEY8QZQg

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Trustworthiness of a social media platform is in inverse proportion to time and size. http://t.co/qc6J06rC

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Great comment: "India is a land of contradictions. I have been reading books and articles about India…" — Mike Wren http://t.co/TBYm2EaW

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[the design process] is designing, prototyping & making. When you separate those the final result suffers -Jonathan Ive http://t.co/FPjnSbTV

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Here's my full review of OS X Mountain Lion: http://t.co/xGLyk9vO

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   almost 8 years ago

"Packaged apps deliver an experience as capable as a native app, but as safe as a web page." http://t.co/zDMEZPXe

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Good insights from Path's Dave Morin on designing for mobile: http://t.co/uBiH2ivT

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Joshua Topolsky   @joshuatopolsky   almost 8 years ago

This was the ad BTW. http://t.co/eazuFPrg Very entertaining.

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@2x   @2x   almost 8 years ago

iOS button-styling explained by @mantia: http://t.co/kilPRRYn

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Joe McCann   @joemccann   almost 8 years ago

How to Run AB Tests in iOS Apps using Flurry http://t.co/zN1jr5Rr

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An open letter to Jonathan Ive (and Apple), by Julian Gough - http://t.co/tyv11qFy - read the short story "The iHole" after the letter!

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The Loop   @theloop   about 8 years ago

Music making on the iPad http://t.co/itpGiGWW

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Always Swim Downstream: http://t.co/YlMCMpli via @Uncrunched Possibly one of the best posts @arrington has ever written?

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J. @gruber echoes a thought I've had for a while that the iPhone was a misnomer and perhaps an unintended misdirection. http://t.co/yE4WO1en

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Marco.org   @marco_org   about 8 years ago

The camera you have with you http://t.co/CTbeCJtF

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The Loop   @theloop   about 8 years ago

Coding an HTML5 template http://t.co/UQqn75s6

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Touched by greatness: The iPhone years http://t.co/wiMHW05C

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Joshua Topolsky   @joshuatopolsky   about 8 years ago

If your mind is not blown after watching this video, you may be dead. http://t.co/MHC0Bkmb

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Thierry   @thierrykoblentz   about 8 years ago

Very clever font. Common words are replaced with icons http://t.co/9YLMf9g1 One issue I can see is localization. via @chriscoyier #a11y

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BetaPunch   @BetaPunch   about 8 years ago

Just discovered @moqups thanks to @BetaList - awesome mockup app. Might never leave my computer screen again. It's so simple and easy to use

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Lessien   @Lessien   about 8 years ago

"PC users buy and stay loyal to brands and machines for years because of keyboards." http://t.co/UZO936aW

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Christopher Akiki   @christopher   about 8 years ago

Does Jimmy Wales consider Quora a threat to Wikipedia? Answer from @jimmy_wales himself! http://t.co/iqdqkHYZ on @Quora

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