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MetaView   @MetaView   about 8 years ago

MapTool Pro, the best map app for your TouchPad now full screen and with support for external GPS devices: @palm

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Brendan Baker   @brendanbaker   about 8 years ago

Gold! On @Quora: What are the big problems of sandwiches and how do you solve them? 4 Answers:

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Nate Smith   @bestnatesmith   over 8 years ago

My answer on @Quora to: What are the best ways to overcome writer's block?

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Phil McKinney   @philmckinney   over 8 years ago

We don't have time for innovation, we need a solution now! ..

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Khoi Vinh   @khoi   over 8 years ago Instead of pen-based computing, Wacom tries computing-based pens.

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Rich Dunbar   @RichDunbar   over 8 years ago

#HP #TouchPad ad revenue almost at same levels as all #Android tablets COMBINED WOW! Thanks @JKendrick for sharing.

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This is what all e books should be::: Video: Hands-on with Inkling 2.0, the iPad textbook

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Khoi Vinh   @khoi   over 8 years ago

New blog post: How the iPad's shareability changes so much & ushers in post-PERSONAL computing.

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Jay   @JayWacker   over 8 years ago

Answer on @Quora to: Why does life use a quaternary system (A, T, G, C) to encode information...

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Two Face   @diggtwoface   over 8 years ago

Popular on Digg: The Cutting-Edge Physics of a Crumpled Paper Ball

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Rollin Bishop   @rollinbishop   over 8 years ago

If you're interested in games criticism at all, probably worth reading this from @BRKeogh

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Rahul Sood   @rahulsood   over 8 years ago

My thoughts on #HP Part 1:

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How to make WordPress ten times more secure--in just five minutes:

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   over 8 years ago

Facebook webOS; Playing to Win: I have been taking in the news and constant amazement as the “HP webOS” situatio...

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Jason L. Baptiste   @JasonLBaptiste   over 8 years ago

"For instance, he said aapl spent a ton of time just getting a list to scroll at 60 frames per second." -@Scobleizer

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The smartphone patent war, in one graphic:

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Lessien   @Lessien   over 8 years ago

Smart piece from Marc Andreessen on software's disruption of frankly all industries. This trend will only accelerate.

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cristina berta   @cristinagberta   over 8 years ago

The economist: "The battle for supremacy in mobile has only just begun" ... though Apple has a home court advantage !

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Michael Gartenberg   @Gartenberg   over 8 years ago

Is Google's Motorola Deal the Break That Windows Phone Needed?

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Chris Anderson   @TEDchris   over 8 years ago

3 iphones and a whole lot of magic in one of the most startling performances ever seen at #TED

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Khoi Vinh   @khoi   over 8 years ago

New blog post: More on my new venture, how people misunderstand iPad, and--I'm hiring awesome iOS devs.

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Wolfram Nagel   @wolframnagel   over 8 years ago

What if we could create a truly universal design that was device independent? #Multiscreen #Adaptability #responsive

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Horace Dediu   @asymco   over 8 years ago

@gruber @counternotions @binarybits The disruptor's mantra is "Be hungry for profits, be patient for growth".

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Lea Verou   @LeaVerou   over 8 years ago

[a computer passing the Turing Test] “I’d give it 20 yrs. Partly due to improvements in technology, partly to the decline of humans” —S.Brin

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How to remove yourself from ALL background check websites: (via @zacharye)

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