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After listening to hundreds of podcasts, I've realized that the best answers have a similar arc. 1) State your mai… https://t.co/HWeJaWDZx6

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Hongli Lai   @honglilai   about 2 months ago

How he improved PostgreSQL performance by 9x by reducing network roundtrips and batching queries. https://t.co/8XmmOQhmWV

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Steve Blackburn   @stevemblackburn   about 2 months ago

This is special. Once in a decade stuff. Detailed histories of APL, C++, Clojure, D, ELisp, F#, Fortran, Groovy,… https://t.co/2SDvZiYL2C

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Frank   @jedisct1   about 2 months ago

Speeding up a Git monorepo at Dropbox with <200 lines of code https://t.co/HqD4A5Ips7

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Binni Shah   @binitamshah   about 2 months ago

Writing a Simple Polymorphic Engine : https://t.co/QUxyhVc23G

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This talk by @hakimel is a masterpiece of UI animation. The SVG trick to keep the pop menu open when the mouse "d… https://t.co/t0KAnoquue

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Rich Hickey   @richhickey   2 months ago

A History of Clojure, for HOPL IV https://t.co/1eX9Bo52Ay

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Visakan Veerasamy   @visakanv   2 months ago

sometimes when you have 2 beliefs that seem contradictory, it’s not that one belief is correct and one is wrong, bu… https://t.co/Qkrg744RWa

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Manuel Rigger   @RiggerManuel   2 months ago

We are proud and excited to open-source SQLancer, which detects logic bugs in DBMS and has found over 400 bugs alre… https://t.co/0vBQN3Lhmg

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Marketing Examples   @GoodMarketingHQ   2 months ago

Clear writing is concise writing. • In order to → To • In spite of → Despite • A number of → Some • In the event t… https://t.co/N7qxC2vdNZ

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Emily / aiju   @the_aiju   2 months ago

Mathematica acts like a five-year-old sometimes. https://t.co/aJbMHVgNe3

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Cabel   @cabel   2 months ago

Hmm, what port did I plug AP-6 into again? 🤯 Extremely awesome. https://t.co/awPQn8Jjou

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Simon Willison   @simonw   2 months ago

@markboulton "I'm not /just/ an IC, or /just/ a people manager". You and me both! Sounds like design and engineerin… https://t.co/K4rIUqv7Kk

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Charity Majors   @mipsytipsy   2 months ago

People overestimate how much of the speed at which they ship software is a function of their own abilities, and rad… https://t.co/lVTqdSXd35

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Grady Booch   @Grady_Booch   2 months ago

@bjartnes I don’t find the term to be vague at all All architecture is design but not all design is architecture.… https://t.co/n2vEISrDc7

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HydroxyCoreyQuinn   @QuinnyPig   2 months ago

Companies forget that interviews are a two way street. Strive for the people you reject to say "wow, I'm sad I did… https://t.co/7XEKlgMCyq

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@rakyll I like that we have this: https://t.co/LKhIv0FURL

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   2 months ago

Reading a postmortem which reads: “we had outages due to config changes to our DB and LB; we had a staging env bu… https://t.co/lVdetUsnvd

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Patrick McKenzie   @patio11   2 months ago

I got about ~40% faster solving sudoku after casually watching an hour of YouTube (turns out sudoku YouTube is a th… https://t.co/6L6YDPXbya

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Avdi Grimm   @avdi   2 months ago

Set out to write about mapping ~/.netrc into development Docker containers, wound up documenting some of my other e… https://t.co/xKx6gz0HL7

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Dmitri ☭⚛   @yogthos   3 months ago

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thoughtbot   @thoughtbot   3 months ago

Getting back to work after an extended leave-of-absence is hard. Here’s some helpful tips to help get you back on t… https://t.co/oyMFscEP2M

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1. Use secure defaults 2. Principle of least privilege 3. Defense in Depth 4. Don't trust user input I discuss all… https://t.co/aiim71Nme8

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Nick Maggiulli   @dollarsanddata   3 months ago

This is the most powerful blog post @morganhousel has ever written. I don't say that lightly. If there is one thi… https://t.co/JfXqf31XJC

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How do we identify that system? https://t.co/EbKVX6bKWf

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