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Dan Luu   @danluu   7 months ago

Nice bug report on a fun bug https://t.co/UTB9DNDfUd https://t.co/CLUthZ3ZDo

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Grady Booch   @Grady_Booch   7 months ago

Ok, this fixes the Linux time overflow problem that hits in the year 2038. But it DOES just kick the can down the… https://t.co/3JIyxRxbhU

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Ian Chan   @chanian   7 months ago

🤯 The origin/making of the Seinfeld theme. So much to unpack here... First: This dude. Second: He re-recorded it… https://t.co/WeWP8xHCmC

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Marc Köhlbrugge   @marckohlbrugge   7 months ago

Want to learn how to diagnose a slow Ruby on Rails app? Watch @nateberkopec analyse @shpigford's PLYLST app. Really… https://t.co/OPOme90LBv

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Peter Cooper   @peterc   7 months ago

I'm so impressed how easy it is to deploy "serverless" Ruby (yes, Ruby!) functions on @zeithq I just had to show it… https://t.co/xOkELBy4pr

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Erin Biba   @erinbiba   7 months ago

Even though diagrams always display the earth's mantle as red because it's hot, the truth is the rock is olivine so… https://t.co/qwNVNQnQoa

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Schneier Blog   @schneierblog   7 months ago

DNSSEC Keysigning Ceremony Postponed Because of Locked Safe https://t.co/SWkGvfooMe

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Ben Hamner   @benhamner   7 months ago

We just launched the toughest @kaggle competition in a long time with @fchollet. Can software learn to generalize c… https://t.co/QKyQX3Yemv

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Patrick McKenzie   @patio11   7 months ago

Periodic plug for https://t.co/fa1BnEfDKy , particularly if you're stressing on business bookkeeping prior to tax s… https://t.co/fUciOonx98

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Deirdre   @figgled   7 months ago

overheard a teenage boy buying a Valentine's card that said 'we are the same kind of weird'. shop assistant said 'i… https://t.co/ZkLOaTxl1v

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Addy Osmani   @addyosmani   7 months ago

The specification for native image lazy-loading has been merged into the HTML standard! https://t.co/Dl2gtLqSrn 🎉… https://t.co/7ss5TcI05H

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Naomi Wu 机械妖姬   @RealSexyCyborg   7 months ago

My friend CTT came up with a very interesting design for proximity sensing, no-contact elevator buttons- that still… https://t.co/6QH8NTPJsX

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   7 months ago

"If you can accurately estimate it ... and it is going to take longer than a couple months ... that's a good signal… https://t.co/avi1REvVE1

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Penelope Phippen   @penelope_zone   7 months ago

“What can we learn from the Iowa app failure?” Don’t create software when tools already exist that will do the job… https://t.co/e4El2FGt9u

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   7 months ago

Meaningful Availability, NSDI 2020 Fantastic paper from Google that points out why common availability metrics li… https://t.co/oMnsr1TNiY

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John Carlos Baez   @johncarlosbaez   7 months ago

The world's expert on snowflakes has written a 540-page book on them. Now he's giving it away for free here:… https://t.co/vF7GZE8jMi

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Matt Greenberg   @matt_muffin   7 months ago

@maggiecrowley I think mine is that software engineering isn’t hard, people are hard. It takes a lot of us to build… https://t.co/acru1BcJId

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ev   @mknaomi4938   7 months ago

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ev   @mknaomi4938   7 months ago

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ev   @mknaomi4938   7 months ago

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ev   @mknaomi4938   7 months ago

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ev   @mknaomi4938   7 months ago

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ev   @mknaomi4938   7 months ago

mods asleep post rare periodic tables https://t.co/7dSVJEG591

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Meng To   @MengTo   8 months ago

Today I learned that you can use auto-fit in CSS Grid to wrap the content. No more media queries. 🤯 https://t.co/Ji8JpgB6sc

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Ruby Inside   @RubyInside   8 months ago

Error Handling with Monads in Ruby: https://t.co/JGUMK1SEhl (Lots of history here, but monads are a nice way to han… https://t.co/h23rlclIfF

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