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A Googler   @google   over 7 years ago

In @verge, the story behind our work toward a consistent, beautiful design across products (with video) http://t.co/5xVc4Zkn

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   over 6 years ago

.element { float: left; height: 10em; width: 15em; shape-outside: circle(); } http://t.co/sQ1W46AxYV

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Daniel Higginbotham   @nonrecursive   almost 6 years ago

great squid of madrid! "Learn C and build your own programming language in 1000 lines of code!" http://t.co/FFLqf39Hgp

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Stanislas Boyet   @StanBoyet   about 5 years ago

Refile - File upload made easy, seems to be a good alternative to carrierwave and paperclip #rails #upload https://t.co/rl9geoA4zg

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Pinboard   @Pinboard   almost 5 years ago

Have you ever worked on a ‘loading’ animation for your website? Go to the mirror and hang your head. Notice how low-latency your mirror is

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Binni Shah   @binitamshah   almost 4 years ago

Collection of cheat sheets for programmers : https://t.co/JVDOjyDMcc

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SwiftOnSecurity   @SwiftOnSecurity   5 months ago

As an apprentice/student professional, there is understandably a lot of pressure to find quick return-on-investment… https://t.co/nsDJyDF1cw

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   about 1 year ago

8) Work to make your current role obsolete. An empowered team with some product coaching can do a great deal w/o yo… https://t.co/ZkT7cHlkQG

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This are the slides from my Rust & nickel.rs talk http://t.co/pHi1hRaDzT … //@jsistorg @jstanbulorg #rust #rustlang

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JBD   @rakyll   almost 3 years ago

Inventing/improving developer workflows should be an area of of expertise and a job family in software engineering.

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Randy Olson   @randal_olson   almost 5 years ago

The full #Reddit post corpus is available for download now. #OpenData #DataScience https://t.co/TdD3k3x8Wn http://t.co/jRsjtdFWG7

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Ruby Inside   @RubyInside   4 months ago

An Animation of the SHA-256 Hash Function in Your Terminal: https://t.co/KIRK5NGFL6

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Kontra   @counternotions   almost 9 years ago

What if you could create formatted math expressions for your favorite Mac OS X applications in your own handwriting? http://t.co/adMOXqGB

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Dan Croak   @Croaky   over 3 years ago

To WWW or not WWW https://t.co/MeKxYq6gy0

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   about 2 years ago

Ninja - a build system originally created to build Chrome. This was a fairly short and very interesting read.… https://t.co/taI5shJogA

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thoughtbot   @thoughtbot   over 6 years ago

We've launched a weekly video show (hosted by @r00k) that dives deep into writing better code. Check it out! https://t.co/RWJIt8CMdH

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Every once in a while, someone makes a post suggesting that icons aren’t very helpful in software and we should be… https://t.co/IaHNV1fp1b

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Hadley Wickham   @hadleywickham   about 5 years ago

Trying out new(ish) monoid programming font: http://t.co/8mjfroRhwn. Lots of nice ligatures for coding

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Marrow Mechanics: the Strength of Simple Games http://t.co/YefXN1PU3z

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Steven Strogatz   @stevenstrogatz   about 6 years ago

Curious about chaos theory? My lectures @Cornell are now online: https://t.co/NkCy41ySqB Only prerequisite is calculus

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breaking XorShift128+ using symbolic execution in the Z3 SMT solver https://t.co/6X2GjZsnjm

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David Bauer   @davidbauer   over 7 years ago

50 Shades of Like. Facebook wants to reinvent the emoticon (with the help of Pixar and Charles Darwin). http://t.co/lYlnqXHz

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Elijah Manor   @elijahmanor   almost 6 years ago

cssnext: Use tomorrow's CSS syntax, today http://t.co/WIGMI0E1jE playground: https://t.co/hH8bmGCMOn

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   about 7 years ago

"All the best writers in English (JavaScript?) have been flagrant flouters of prescriptive rules – Steven Pinker" http://t.co/QZXOKGv0ZF

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