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Philip Wadler   @PhilipWadler   about 4 years ago

"Brains forgive fuzzy abstractions, prose does not." https://t.co/C3bdIfD2dh

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1.0.0-alpha   @steveklabnik   over 5 years ago

.@EmStolfo : https://t.co/uaS0ugPIxN is more reference than tutorial, but is still the best place to learn about cexts.

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Ruby Inside   @RubyInside   about 5 years ago

Using Rails::API to Build An Authenticated JSON API with Warden - http://t.co/Bc69QqaJ4M

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Bradley Whitford   @WhitfordBradley   almost 2 years ago

For a guy who’s a judge, Brett Kavanaugh seems to really hate the idea of going through a fair, methodical process… https://t.co/xUnvZOdJOi

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Browser based simulation of Google's Tensor Flow machine learning system https://t.co/geGGiI2EDl

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Morgan Housel   @morganhousel   about 1 year ago

"For reasons I have never understood, people like to hear that the world is going to hell." Deirdre McCloske on wh… https://t.co/xsGrRV6Xgh

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Thomas Fuchs   @thomasfuchs   about 6 years ago

There's a diff testing if a green or a red button works vs mass-manipulating moods of people and not asking first. https://t.co/z4W7u8vCpa

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I have often wondered about the change in DHH over the years and now I do not wonder anymore. https://t.co/bDKwcnbqRU

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Jeremy Kemper   @bitsweat   over 6 years ago

Save the date, @tenderlove retirement party - http://t.co/uvq0vQFATb

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   almost 7 years ago

"How Buildings Learn: it has nothing to do with web design, but every working web professional should really read it" http://t.co/97NhmgnmUX

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Pat Shaughnessy   @pat_shaughnessy   almost 6 years ago

A nice intro: "Semi-Relational Data Modeling with Redis and Ohm" - definitely seems like something I need to explore http://t.co/lca4390ZpI

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Virus Bulletin   @virusbtn   about 4 years ago

An analysis of the Linux/Mirai ELF trojan, by @MalwareMustDie https://t.co/0416gYhAXm https://t.co/nYnb4nRK0R

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This video is decades old. We were never supposed to see it. It’s about trickery and dishonesty and stolen power. V… https://t.co/XhDxM889Mk

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   over 6 years ago

"The Web was caught napping. It awoke startled, facing the mobile beast that’s eating the world and went: Oh shit." http://t.co/CIjY2hYheB

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David K. 🎹   @DavidKPiano   6 months ago

🖌️ I made a cheatsheet for event-driven finite state machines with @excalidraw! This describes the basic important… https://t.co/pjayND37vh

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Just wrote 1,400 words on Sparking Joy with Design for developers 😬 Maximum impostor syndrome hitting, I'm not gre… https://t.co/B8lEg0ZNIQ

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Today we have a travel across ActiveRecord internals, 20k Leagues Under ActiveRecord, by our friend @pat_shaughnessy http://t.co/kSJvDMoNgG

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Guido van Rossum   @gvanrossum   over 5 years ago

Blast from the (not so distant) past: Language design is not just solving puzzles. http://t.co/Au4mkh6ycv

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Here’s the full text of my interview by @rubyc_eu: http://t.co/sh7oxOGD6X.

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source code/browser dingus to my *very rough* calligraphy tool: https://t.co/HAHKQ9x6mS https://t.co/kRwTCuti8N release early/release often!

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Codementor   @CodementorIO   almost 6 years ago

Interview with @steveklabnik: How Rust Compares to Other Languages and More #rustlang #golang #erlang - https://t.co/KBH9HDHDSj

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32BJ SEIU   @32BJSEIU   over 1 year ago

It’s tea time: ) ) ) ) ( ) ) _(___(____)____(___(__ _ \ If you ca… https://t.co/vhrOZWDKpW

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Eric Normand   @ericnormand   9 months ago

"Lisp encourages one to attack a new problem by implementing new languages tailored to that problem."… https://t.co/tXsPBDhiHt

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Cabel   @cabel   over 1 year ago

Always loved this 80’s keypad that generates a new key sequence on every press — so you can’t shoulder surf. Great… https://t.co/xz79ioGZGg

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Rackspace   @Rackspace   over 7 years ago

Are you interested in learning #Ruby on #Rails? Here's how Racker Dev Bret got started http://t.co/WJsGP5qArf

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