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SingularityU   @singularityu   over 4 years ago

We could enable real-time image processing with a piece of brain matter 1/10th the size of a grain of sand.

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Chad Barb   @chadbarb   about 3 years ago

@snoyberg @thegrugq I ❤️ Go. That may look like a heart, but it's really an aboriginal symbol for 'enjoy, but have deep concerns about'.

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So, Google Play is basically an officially sanctioned pre-installed root kit taking over from the inside? Nifty.

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"Programmers must be skilled at interacting with people, and only incidentally at interacting with machines." - @izs

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Bartosz Milewski   @BartoszMilewski   almost 5 years ago

New blog: Operads, Type Leve Nats, and Tic-Tac-Toe:

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Brian Bucklew   @unormal   over 3 years ago

A point in a 3d space lattice can spin continuously without getting tangled.

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You'd think this is an app to aid people with mental / emotional handicaps but no, just the latest Facebook update.

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Loris D'Antoni   @lorisdanto   over 1 year ago

As per tradition, the last question of my compilers final was: Write a haiku about compilers. 0.5 points if funny,…

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Leon Fayer   @papa_fire   about 2 years ago

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Leon Bambrick   @secretGeek   over 7 years ago

The Robber's Cave experiment -- real life 'lord of the flies' -- wow.

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Fabio Akita   @AkitaOnRails   almost 5 years ago

If you didn't see my tweet from yesterday, read "Observing Processes in Elixir - The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook"

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Knotch   @KnotchIt   almost 7 years ago

A Q&A with Knotch Co-Founder @agansca on @startupbeat1 | @scoopit

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Coraline Ada Ehmke   @CoralineAda   over 1 year ago

At a certain level of seniority in your career as a developer, your responsibilities will start to overlap with you…

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David Nolen   @swannodette   almost 5 years ago

Not a blog post, but easily the most important thing I've ever written on UI programming

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Tienson Qin   @tiensonqin   about 4 years ago

I just push Lymchat as open source, since you guys ask how to implement video chat and group chat in React Native,

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SciencePorn   @SciencePorn   over 6 years ago

How big IS the universe? In one picture:

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dormando   @dormando   about 1 year ago

Slept badly and poor focus for coding, so have a war story: - How a double-disk RAID-5 fail…

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Michael Pearson   @mipearson   over 4 years ago

Complexity: "I don't understand this code" Magic: "I don't know how to begin looking for the code that does this"

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Ana Tudor   @anatudor   over 5 years ago

Lovely visual explanation (also check linked from there) Thanks, @MihaiTodor! ☺

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Daniel Higginbotham   @nonrecursive   almost 6 years ago

great squid of madrid! "Learn C and build your own programming language in 1000 lines of code!"

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Ana Tudor   @anatudor   over 5 years ago

Most useful resource I've found on circle packing so far - others you know of? Thanks!

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A React tutorial that I really, really, really wish I had had a few weeks ago: by @chibicode (Great executable doc!)

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Harshita Arora   @aroraharshita33   about 2 years ago

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Ana Tudor   @thebabydino   almost 6 years ago

If you'd like to create your own SVG pie chart from scratch, see this post by @helloanselm

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Kieran Snyder   @KieranSnyder   about 1 year ago

1 Been thinking recently about what makes a good middle manager. By “middle manager,” I mean anyone who has both a…

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