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infinite fractal 3D tree | white version | http://t.co/ThwSGZpLcF … via @CodePen #html5 #canvas #javascript #fractal http://t.co/aHwp3tLyCS

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Nate Berkopec   @nateberkopec   almost 5 years ago

Reducing Ruby memory usage slides: https://t.co/ARup1p4JgD and here's the additional notes/solutions: https://t.co/IaXH4ZckfP #rubyconf

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Pat Shaughnessy   @pat_shaughnessy   over 5 years ago

Note to future self: jq < input.json '.[] | select(keys | tojson | contains("target"))' filters an array for hashes that have the target key

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Robin Ward   @eviltrout   over 7 years ago

I made a post on Discourse about our migration to ES6 and our long term plans for Javascript: https://t.co/2f7Gqtf7S2

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Samuel Williams   @ioquatix   over 1 year ago

Here is my latest open source progress report. Hopefully my site doesn't fall over while I'm sleeping, ha. https://t.co/8jTAA2UkSt

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   over 8 years ago

"Cube Slam is a chrome experiment built to showcase the latest technology in Google Chrome." https://t.co/6qYzGNtoUX

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Joseph Cox   @josephfcox   over 4 years ago

Datasploit: a tool for various OSINT techniques https://t.co/66pNhnKljB https://t.co/vk7IYiBbGz

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Khoi Vinh   @khoi   over 9 years ago

Here is that continuously looped animated GIF of a cat jumping out of a cardboard box that you were asking for. http://t.co/7YpTCfHw

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Amy Hoy   @amyhoy   over 7 years ago

wanna start a bootstrapped product biz? you can't follow the startup archetypes. learn why/what w our 7-part guide: http://t.co/oySlLPpueC

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Heather Rivers   @heatherrivers   almost 6 years ago

Emotional trajectory of a software engineer ☆* (。◕‿◕。) *☆ (T_T) (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ┻━┻

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Kontra   @counternotions   over 8 years ago

Stephen Wolfram's "Data Science of the Facebook World" http://t.co/Eet3H8fKOA (Mother of all FB datagrams, esp. 'by age' at the bottom.)

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7 Ruby Forks Worth Checking Out: https://t.co/aXtxLc820M

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   over 8 years ago

"Apple quietly slipped a very nice Objective-C to Javascript bridge into WebKit." http://t.co/i2a9BblDsD

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Farbod Saraf   @farbodsaraf   about 2 years ago

Whatever you do, do it well https://t.co/7rOKcmxRCW

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NYTimes Bits   @nytimesbits   about 9 years ago

Twitter could mark the end for the "vous" form in French, which is too formal and has too many characters for tweeting. http://t.co/1wUZ4w6c

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Prosthetic Knowledge   @prostheticknowl   almost 4 years ago

RGB Forest Video from @Oscarloro79 continues his style of visual geometric jazz performed on footage, this time in… https://t.co/Y7RTty2Cuq

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Eric Ries   @ericries   over 7 years ago

"Please excuse me while I go pivot." Scott Adams on Silicon Valley: http://t.co/ekVBGsbq70

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Pat Shaughnessy   @pat_shaughnessy   about 6 years ago

Looking forward to this series: "Unpythonic - functional programming in Python" https://t.co/CLzQZj6cRq

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steveklabnik   @steveklabnik   about 2 years ago

I've really been enjoying this series of posts by @_rsc about the #golang development process: https://t.co/CCZSImne6V

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Mike Fikes   @mfikes   over 6 years ago

It’s now easy to produce minimal repos for ClojureScript bugs. Too often I find a “bug” higher up the tooling stack. https://t.co/0mFdYKjd8n

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Pat Shaughnessy   @pat_shaughnessy   over 3 years ago

Wow - this bash command line tutorial is full of tips and tricks: "Creating a bash completion script" https://t.co/VzgXLCFmzp

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Jim Stormdancer   @mogwai_poet   almost 3 years ago

Here's what I'd've known if I hadn't just skipped to the meat of the list: "someone" is Victoria Krakovna, and you… https://t.co/jy8N05oWC4

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Siqi Chen   @blader   about 6 years ago

Emily Greer from @kongregate's "Good Data gone Bad" presentation is a must read for every PM: http://t.co/a1i39f5FKf

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The Daily Grail   @DailyGrail   about 5 years ago

Where to download your own copy of the Voynich Manuscript - as well as a book about it published by the NSA. https://t.co/WQaFv3oUnn

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Olivier Lacan   @olivierlacan   almost 3 years ago

https://t.co/ez5AUy05O1 Nearly every single time this advice will help future you. Booleans are the lowest quali… https://t.co/zIu3vxfz2z

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