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Daniel Holland   @DannyDutch   about 2 years ago

A master hunter at work! https://t.co/MC2OBNwPhc

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Justin Kan   @justinkan   almost 2 years ago

First time founders are obsessed with product. Second time founders are obsessed with distribution.

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Walt Mossberg   @waltmossberg   over 7 years ago

Hate typing on glass? @kabster728 reviews new ways to do it. http://t.co/MOba9rkA

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Caitríona Uí Llwyd   @cafernblue   9 months ago

i still think my favourite thing that's ever happened to me on the internet is the time a guy said "people change t… https://t.co/S5ueyBVxBq

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Not Will Ferrell   @itsWillyFerrell   11 months ago

When you wake up and find out your balls are gone... https://t.co/lMhXa0TVH0

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Steve Kinney   @stevekinney   over 5 years ago

Lesson learned: Don't mess up the capitalization on @thoughtbot. https://t.co/0xpqw4gbYV

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Nadieh Bremer   @NadiehBremer   about 4 years ago

There's now also a video of my 3-minute pitch on "Visualizing the Beauty of Math" :D https://t.co/5MkEyRZTGH https://t.co/R1VyePlwH0

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José Valim   @josevalim   about 5 years ago

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icosahedra built with different techniques an materials (3d printing models here: https://t.co/6bYAxtcDA4 ) https://t.co/bgLC49mk7k

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Julian Tescher   @jatescher   over 5 years ago

Anyone who’s into distributed computations should check out @cmeik’s new language: Lasp http://t.co/5DzSHPrq2Q

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Ruby Inside   @RubyInside   about 5 years ago

Using React.js with Rails' Action Cable: http://t.co/TFz80oEupv

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Pat Shaughnessy   @pat_shaughnessy   over 5 years ago

I can't follow the code snippets, but the algorithm is hilarious: "Solving the Stable Marriage problem in Erlang" http://t.co/lrD4Lfc0L6

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I Love Typography   @ilovetypography   over 7 years ago

An excellent article by @NickSherman for @alistapart Hinting & Responsive Typography http://t.co/l6bqYI7aV0

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Ruby Inside   @RubyInside   over 5 years ago

How Patrick McKenzie Builds Twilio Apps: https://t.co/ITfhEaD7wd

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Ilya Grigorik   @igrigorik   about 4 years ago

a treasure trove of data (3TB+) up on BigQuery... and a refresh of GitHub Archive! \o/ https://t.co/tJUuI4ukgv

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DHH   @dhh   over 6 years ago

Csikszentmihalyi's Flow is a great treatises on why programming and happiness is often linked. 2nd best gateway I know to that mental state.

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Misty   @mistydemeo   11 months ago

PROTIP: if you don’t want to update to macOS Catalina, and you don’t want Software Update bugging you about it, jus… https://t.co/1Q44hdu4HU

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Peter Seibel   @peterseibel   about 2 years ago

Nobody ever got fired for using Jira. They quit first.

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Walt Mossberg   @waltmossberg   over 7 years ago

The Kids Love Twitter; Facebook, Not So Much http://t.co/hCjFNtyiO3 @mikeisaac

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Binni Shah   @binitamshah   over 3 years ago

whereami : Uses WiFi signals and machine learning to predict where you are. Even works for distances like 2-10 mt : https://t.co/f4fXudUe94

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An hour later still thinking about @dhh's point about "I was burned out - but not from overwork - from underpurpose… https://t.co/lAkvoVlQ9b

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Bijan C. Bayne   @bijancbayne   almost 4 years ago

.@jelani9 @janetsomerville Distance is the enemy of perspective.

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My friend’s entire company is locked out of their WeWork office because an umbrella fell, jamming the door. No on… https://t.co/zuUGXtAvOB

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   10 months ago

Amazing how we can be uniquely aware of the risks when viewing other companies/products, but blind to what is happe… https://t.co/FtwMkWxlcy

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wallingf   @wallingf   almost 2 years ago

"Many projects in contemporary philosophy are artifactual puzzles of no abiding significance, but it is treacherous… https://t.co/MYdL1BXkNk

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