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Danielle Sucher   @DanielleSucher   over 5 years ago

"The man who can see the future has a date with the woman who can see many possible futures." rediscovered via @zmagg

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Brandon Weaver   @keystonelemur   almost 2 years ago

Hey #RubyConf folks: didn't get a chance to see Reducing Enumerable? Good news! I've converted it into a multi-part…

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Nir Eyal   @nireyal   about 7 years ago

Ten Techniques for Building Quick Rapport With Anyone -

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Not Will Ferrell   @itsWillyFerrell   11 months ago

When you wake up and find out your balls are gone...

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ø_ø   @supersole   about 5 years ago

CSS snapping is pretty cool!

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Edward Tufte   @EdwardTufte   over 4 years ago

Unusual, strange, delightful maps, big collection at #dataviz #maps

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Canniбal   @Cannibal   12 months ago

Not mine but I'll be dam-ed if this isn't accurate.

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Ty   @tyrus_   almost 4 years ago

Really nice write up here on Secure ROM extraction on iPhone 6s #InfoSec

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Ruby Inside   @RubyInside   almost 2 years ago

Distributed Cron for Rails Apps with Sidekiq Scheduler: (This is a nice article on what has…

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The Sourcery   @thesourcery   about 8 years ago

Folks weigh on staying agile: As a software developer, how can I ensure I remain employable after age 35? via @Quora

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Horace Dediu   @asymco   over 3 years ago

Containerization: The Most Influential Invention That You've Never Heard Of

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Pinboard   @Pinboard   over 1 year ago

I updated the Tech Solidarity instructions for adding a security key to your Gmail (Google did a mild redesign). Yo…

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David Walsh   @davidwalshblog   almost 6 years ago

How I Stopped WordPress Comment Spam

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Jim Stormdancer   @mogwai_poet   almost 2 years ago

Here's what I'd've known if I hadn't just skipped to the meat of the list: "someone" is Victoria Krakovna, and you…

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Kent Beck   @KentBeck   almost 7 years ago

my essay on how to have influence: tl;dr my foundation is understanding my own motivations

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Mark Burnett   @m8urnett   over 6 years ago

2FA support across top web sites: #passwordday

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What system does a manager manage?

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Lessien   @Lessien   almost 9 years ago

Chill. Highly recommended.

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Gary Bernhardt   @garybernhardt   about 6 years ago

You should `fetch` your remotes and then explicitly `merge --no-ff` or `merge --ff-only`, depending on whether you want a merge bubble.

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reading "Why I want everyone to be a designer"

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Ilya Grigorik   @igrigorik   over 5 years ago

nifty tool to convert your TODO comments into Github issues: - bonus: install as a git precommit hook!

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Aaron Patterson   @tenderlove   about 5 years ago

Made this for _why day, but couldn't get it down to 140 chars.

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onepaperperday   @onepaperperday   almost 6 years ago

"The Unlambda Programming Language", by David Madore: #lang #fp #unlambda #2001

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Dan Abramov   @dan_abramov   almost 3 years ago

It’s funny to imagine web development as a workaround chain. We work around the browsers, you work around us, your users work around you.

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Addy Osmani   @addyosmani   7 months ago

Tip: helps you find the right git commands quickly. Super handy reference.

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