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I've started doing yoga for 8 months. My backache is gone. So I recommend some easy poses for artists/everyone who… https://t.co/jSdgBg7bdW

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Jen Simmons   @jensimmons   over 3 years ago

Having seen the future, a future of CSS Grid Layout, I don’t want to go back. Therefore, this for my next site. https://t.co/nTxNcY4pTV

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Brianna   @zebriez   about 1 month ago

I recently left Stripe after 4.5 formative and magical years. Some reflections on what made working at Stripe feel… https://t.co/gURSIvyPvM

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Mark Burnett   @m8urnett   over 4 years ago

This is such an important point I think I'll say it again: have an account login password and an encryption password.

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Nicole Cliffe   @Nicole_Cliffe   8 months ago

What is the kindest thing a stranger has done or said to you?

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   @dialelo   over 4 years ago

Excited to announce ClojureScript Unraveled (https://t.co/rkTku96AQq), an open source #ClojureScript book that @niwibe and I are writing \o/

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Jason Fagone   @jfagone   about 4 years ago

a beautiful neologism: "EXTRALUSIONARY INTELLIGENCE" "intelligence in one domain that is misapplied in another.” http://t.co/Q9qN41Gknu

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Last year I wrote a gem for Ruby APIs called Sliver. We now use it in production - here's the why and how: http://t.co/XMJBgxeuJ9

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Preserving session with Mechanize https://t.co/Vf4dUdtcUv

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https://t.co/xeReRWI0xn just finished up a #clojurescript / #reagent / #webaudioapi -based demo for ring/amplitude… https://t.co/z3QPtFkhqr

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Phil McKinney   @philmckinney   over 8 years ago

Look out rest of the world, here is India's top innovators under the age of 35 ... http://j.mp/pjUjDZ

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Best CSS article you've read over the past 12 months? My pick is Con­di­tions for CSS Vari­ables https://t.co/uMidhLFG4l by @kizmarh

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Madison+ Ruby   @MadisonRuby   about 4 years ago

Video: Through the Looking Glass by @radiomorillo #MadPlusRuby http://t.co/CBrZft2Kme

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Hubert Łępicki   @hubertlepicki   over 4 years ago

Just blogged "Closures: Elixir vs. Ruby vs. JavaScript" https://t.co/z8owJ344EF

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Great! Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Neural Nets explained https://t.co/BD3CZVFot3 @kdnuggets #DataScience https://t.co/tin0HaIHa1

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Ben Thompson   @monkbent   over 5 years ago

On the pathos of the modern dictionary. http://t.co/RCKuCW9GUc

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Just got a great writing tip from best selling author @GoddessGuide that will change how I do research for my book. #twitterfriendsrock

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Nom de guerre   @CoralineAda   over 2 years ago

Software is by people, for people, about people. Software problems are social problems. If you don't understand that then you're lost.

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Best UX things are simple link innovations. Pullquote's partial image linking is great http://t.co/iCnc3z5SQu http://t.co/5p4HO2IfyE

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RTFM 0day in iOS apps: G+, Gmail, FB Messenger, etc. http://t.co/2hfWH0Ongv

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Eric Lengyel   @EricLengyel   over 2 years ago

A preliminary draft of the paper describing my GPU-based font rendering method is now available:… https://t.co/7qK6LnW33W

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foone   @Foone   11 months ago

BTW, the "cat-like typing detected" meme comes from a very real piece of windows 95 software called PawSense, that… https://t.co/0aFDuDGywd

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Myles Recny   @recborg   about 1 year ago

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Quora   @Quora   over 8 years ago

What are some proven creativity patterns of great thinkers? 10 Answers: http://qr.ae/b6VZ

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vgr   @vgr   over 2 years ago

There are two kinds of problems: those that can only be solved by slowing down, and those that can only be solved by speeding up

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