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Benedict Evans   @BenedictEvans   almost 2 years ago

Why Decentralization Matters – Chris Dixon – Medium https://t.co/GkSOCSeF5y

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Nadia Eghbal   @nayafia   over 1 year ago

Relatedly: I've been thinking about the internet not as a public space, but as a decentralized network of private s… https://t.co/VzJX93hAWq

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Pinboard   @Pinboard   over 3 years ago

There’s something charming, wonderful, and upsetting about seeing Fields Medalist Terrence Tao post on politics: https://t.co/YxhliYKQV5

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Todd Werth   @twerth   about 6 years ago

I create an entire iOS image browser app with @RubyMotion, RMQ, and Vim in this 36 min video: http://t.co/qcZc8Rdr5b http://t.co/3qhIZmeShX

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The Loop   @theloop   over 5 years ago

Terminal tricks - http://t.co/2u3SCnqfFm

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a structural #Clojure clojure editor for producing sound using Overtone https://t.co/mtNbToYWkC https://t.co/vtkFeJlKSj

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Abby Fuller   @abbyfuller   9 months ago

i don't know who needs to hear this, but an always warm/continuously running function is just a web server.

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Danielle Morrill   @DanielleMorrill   almost 6 years ago

[New Blog Post] The year we suspended disbelief long enough to find a frighteningly ambitious startup idea. https://t.co/PKMYUpqfd3

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Strange Loop Conf   @strangeloop_stl   over 4 years ago

"A History of Programming Languages for 2 Voices" by David Nolen and Michael Bernstein: http://t.co/STDKvBZv8F via @YouTube

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Brodie Beta   @iphonegirl   almost 7 years ago

How Hybrid Apps Are Accelerating HTML5 Adoption http://t.co/MNY5vdCh

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Robin Sloan   @robinsloan   almost 4 years ago

This is wonderful: a deep, deeeep look at what actually happened between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol. Bravo, @qz. https://t.co/fvcJsypQQG

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Rick Viscomi @ CDS   @rick_viscomi   2 months ago

🎉 Announcing the Web Almanac! 🥳 It's a free, open source, community-made ebook written by web experts to annually… https://t.co/Zbt7vgShni

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Michael Arrington   @arrington   over 6 years ago

Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams Lays Out His Plan For The Future Of Media http://t.co/eVoq36EO7f via @techcrunch

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   over 6 years ago

"Cube Slam is a chrome experiment built to showcase the latest technology in Google Chrome." https://t.co/6qYzGNtoUX

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Katherine Ye   @hypotext   about 2 years ago

I'm going to start doing more longform writing on interfaces, art, and computation. There may or may not be an arch… https://t.co/zdcZCKaqPL

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Ilya Grigorik   @igrigorik   over 2 years ago

most popular colors on the web: https://t.co/ntrVvP8aBv... because, @HTTPArchive is awesome. https://t.co/AlVjrfTNy9

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Bad Robot   @bad_robot   over 6 years ago

"Soon he will know" - Anonymous http://t.co/amDqmY3am6

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Doc Norton   @DocOnDev   9 months ago

Dear Managers, It is unethical to deny an employee an internal growth opportunity because they are too valuable to… https://t.co/T3M77FNRWe

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Jan Moesen   @janmoesen   almost 9 years ago

Not enough buzz about this: "How to resume a paused or broken file upload" with JS/HTML5: http://hacks.mozilla.org/2011/04/resumeupload/

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Quora   @Quora   almost 6 years ago

"What are some limitations or disadvantages of functional programming?" Tikhon Jelvis shares a thorough answer: http://t.co/wCu9hMkPct

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thoughtbot   @thoughtbot   over 3 years ago

Check out how @KyleBebak sped up his Git workflow with Pick: https://t.co/3AxatPPSFx

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The Design of Everyday Train Door Control Panels. https://t.co/k0FXhzjiuM

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   about 2 years ago

"What's the secret? You silver bullet gem?" "Sorry, it's as simple, yet as hard as: - Plan your work - Work your plan"

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Ilya Grigorik   @igrigorik   over 4 years ago

comprehensive guide on using MSE to build an adaptive HTML5 video streaming player: http://t.co/7SG6IXS8z2 - must read, excellent stuff.

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Google+ Chief Architect @yonatanzunger categorically denies PRISM at Google: https://t.co/VJhYGFyF01 Very frank, interesting read.

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