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This twitter conversation is the abstract class that all other twitter conversations are extended from https://t.co/5vnBAsAp2k

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Rosalind Picard   @RosalindPicard   about 2 years ago

Kevin Holesh shows how unhappy people are with more use of apps, Netflix too, and happy with less. #HumanityTech… https://t.co/r674vj3Sha

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Cliff Pickover   @pickover   over 6 years ago

Perhaps no single human can actually solve "The 10 Hardest Logic/Number Puzzles" http://t.co/DR6yG29jlf http://t.co/sT2q45fwfe

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Mother node   @meatcomputer   over 4 years ago

Finally catching up on Daniel Higginbotham (with slides)'s "Parallel Programming, Fork Join, and Reducers" https://t.co/QWUWy79yEb

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DHH   @dhh   about 6 years ago

Awful example of metadata crushing privacy when triangulated fully. Where celebs go in cabs, who goes to strip clubs, http://t.co/L6iuuk261F

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swyx   @swyx   6 months ago

✍️OSI Layers for Coding Careers https://t.co/6iSkI0KBOV What if we sorted every software job out there into a sin… https://t.co/P9FTmx8X5W

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This is a gold mine of excellent Git Aliases: http://t.co/SmuevA1VBV

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Gordon Diggs   @GordonDiggs   over 3 years ago

If you're trying to figure out stock option grants, this post is essential: https://t.co/slnk7759t9

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Ilya Grigorik   @igrigorik   about 4 years ago

Math notation is needlessly complex. "triangle of power" to the rescue: https://t.co/5YCiVadcw2 - why is this not a thing yet? it's awesome.

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Jason L. Baptiste   @JasonLBaptiste   about 9 years ago

"For instance, he said aapl spent a ton of time just getting a list to scroll at 60 frames per second." -@Scobleizer http://t.co/V8d2hvV

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Amy Hoy   @amyhoy   almost 7 years ago

@seriouspony medium is a terrible thing. that's the problem :)

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Andy Matuschak   @andy_matuschak   about 1 year ago

Tools for thought are a beautiful idea—inventions which can “change the thought patterns of an entire civilization.… https://t.co/mWheCQTE0d

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HTTP 503   @steveklabnik   over 5 years ago

Big Nerd Ranch: Building an iOS App in Rust, Part 1: Getting Started with Rust https://t.co/7SXSJvyXdb

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SwiftOnSecurity   @SwiftOnSecurity   over 1 year ago

“Who do I escalate this to.” ... “Oh fuck I am the escalation.” All day. Every day.

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Jeremy Streten   @jeremystreten   over 4 years ago

Evolution of Siri. https://t.co/5osdkPAnOJ

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My #blackhat keynote (https://t.co/nTbb0LexuU) in a tweet thread. I spent years focusing on the technical offense:… https://t.co/bPyEqBFUF4

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Sarah Mei   @sarahmei   about 5 years ago

This is super cool! Get help with talk abstracts before submitting them: http://t.co/BaUGJXYkFx

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Fedor Indutny   @indutny   about 4 years ago

Great list of Physics textbooks by Susan J. Fowler: https://t.co/lrHPskNHra

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Adam Barth   @adambarth   over 6 years ago

Web Animations + Scrolling = A universe of scroll-linked visual effects: http://t.co/V9RBgAZBKZ

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Big bundle of concept PSDs for Apple Watch GUI by @janlosert & @truekejsi. http://t.co/guB0Dj1dEx

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So. Im running a new version of the hexad user types test thanks to the amazing people at ait and @hcigamesgroup https://t.co/llJUP25gyU

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…and an obvious new comer to my beloved Very Long Format Images collection http://t.co/cf3JNGKF8a

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New Blog Post! Ruby on the Raspberry Pi (free distro image) | Daniel P. Clark http://t.co/VTXpfQGHt9

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Dave Rupert   @davatron5000   6 months ago

This is the best explanation of microservices I've ever heard. https://t.co/R3grywIso8

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   6 months ago

I've been using this 1-3s approach for years now and I really enjoy it. The basic idea is that at any given time… https://t.co/YG14zh715G

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