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Zach Holman   @holman   over 7 years ago

So excited to announce something I’ve been working on for ages… a new todo app: It uses touch, so it’s webscale.

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feels roulette   @steveklabnik   almost 7 years ago

I actually think this blog lost is the best thing Fielding has ever written.

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“ Instagram-level useful, Path-level beautiful and Pinterest-level addictive.”

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Ruby Agent   @Ruby_Agent   over 7 years ago

Nokogiri as a command line tool #ruby

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Wolfram Nagel   @wolframnagel   almost 8 years ago

Cool! Compare two fonts with #Tiff - a visual typeface diff tool. #typography

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   over 2 years ago

Like the CAP theorem but for your Observability system. 😎 - high throughput - high cardinality - lengthy retentio…

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ev   @mknaomi4938   about 1 year ago

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Arrigo Triulzi   @cynicalsecurity   over 2 years ago

Stanford uploads 111 lectures by Donald Knuth. There go your next five years of spare time…

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Layoffs are sometimes necessary, but traumatic for employees. @steli discharged his obligations to them correctly:

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Yukihiro Matsumoto   @yukihiro_matz   over 5 years ago

link: codefinger - A New JRuby Launcher using mruby

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Marco Arment   @marcoarment   about 9 years ago

Went with 384px square, which sizes down nicely as an even multiple of 48 and 128 but still looks good when clicked for full size.

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OK pls don't yell at me but #TIL about the `<datalist>` HTML element - useful for adding input suggestions with 0 j…

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Rob Conery   @robconery   over 5 years ago

Thinking About Function Signatures in Elixir

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Read this (she's wrong) ‘The mobile app is going the way of the CD-ROM: to the bin’ then see this

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willrax   @willrax   over 7 years ago

I just wrote a post on creating custom table cells with @RubyMotion.

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There are times when you should write, work, build, draw every spare second. And there are times when doing nothin…

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Nate Berkopec   @nateberkopec   almost 2 years ago

My Railsconf talk on benchmarking and profiling in Ruby has been uploaded: Proud of how this talk came out visually.

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Wonderful example of how to teach an idea. The Farmers Fable—about economic cooperation—combines narrative, mathema…

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Won Chun   @won3d   about 6 years ago

So TimSort, the default sort in Python and Java (and therefore Android) has a bug discovered through formal methods.

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Stewart Alsop III   @StewartalsopIII   over 1 year ago

Writing is not just another skill. It is a technology that humans have been collectively perfecting for thousands o…

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Andre Courchesne   @IndianaTux   almost 6 years ago

Here is a link to a blog post on my talk yesterday at @montrealrb about #iot #arduino #RaspberryPi #ruby

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Every single Ruby developer should watch @schneems's talk and then do something to make a maintainer's life easier:

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   about 1 year ago

fundamentally, it’s important to be able to quickly tell is a paper is worth reading more closely or not. Next, i…

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Danielle Morrill   @DanielleMorrill   over 6 years ago

Merry Christmas! I've published the whole story of raising @Mattermark Series A. Valuation, terms, deck, everything.

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Hugo Giraudel   @HugoGiraudel   about 7 years ago

New blog post: The Magic Circle, trick revealed – My solution to the CSS brain-teaser I proposed last week.

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