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Veevi Rosenstein   @uxresearch   over 1 year ago

Me ten years ago, on seeing a poorly designed interface “Wow, what idiot designed this?” Me, today: “What constrain…

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Sundar Pichai   @sundarpichai   over 2 years ago

Today we’re sharing our AI principles and practices. How AI is developed and used will have a significant impact on…

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LOL. Today's exam at the Indian Statistical Institute. See Qn 5.

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Tom Gauld   @tomgauld   over 6 years ago

"My Library" (my cartoon for yesterday's @guardianreview )

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Chris Fritz   @chrisvfritz   over 2 years ago

🔥 Tip: I've avoided *thousands* of bugs with this crazy coding trick that seems to work in every language: GO TO BE…

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Yj5so9p4 normal Status   @gitlabstatus   over 3 years ago

We accidentally deleted production data and might have to restore from backup. Google Doc with live notes

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Peter Lyrene   @ScreaminWheat   about 4 years ago

The moral of the 2016 election: You can tweet *literally anything* but NEVER e-mail anyone ever.

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James Wong   @Botanygeek   over 3 years ago

I love this hacked meme.

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acathrow   @acathrow   over 3 years ago

An engineer just suggested an RFC for HTTP response HTTP 299 Disappointed: The server has accepted your request but thinks you can do better

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A wise QA dev once said, “There is no I in team, but there is a u in bug.”

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Emergency Kittens   @EmrgencyKittens   about 4 years ago

how to collect cats

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NumPy   @numpy_team   4 days ago

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We just sent notice we are terminating service for 8chan. There comes a time when enough is enough. But this isn't…

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Raymond Alexander   @jelenawoehr   over 3 years ago

If the Earth was flat, cats would have pushed everything off it by now.

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KFC   @KFCBarstool   over 2 years ago

Most mesmerizing video you will ever watch. If you need me I’ll be watching this on repeat for the next 5 hours

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Caitríona Uí Llwyd   @cafernblue   9 months ago

i still think my favourite thing that's ever happened to me on the internet is the time a guy said "people change t…

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Relatable Quotes   @RelatableQuote   over 3 years ago

When u realize u don't want 2 be responsible for anything anymore & u just want 2 nap and be small

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Archillect   @archillect   over 1 year ago

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rebecca roache   @rebecca_roache   over 3 years ago

Possible solution

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Rich Seymour   @rseymour   almost 4 years ago

e e trumpings on cyber

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Erynn Brook   @ErynnBrook   almost 2 years ago

I want to tell you a story about how my mum taught me that I’m allowed to leave an uncomfortable situation.

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Firefox   @firefox   over 7 years ago

"I want companies to be able to track every move I make online and sell that information to make money." - No one ever.

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floofs   @floofboys   almost 3 years ago

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Zach Waugh   @zachwaugh   over 1 year ago

JavaScript: “function” Swift: “func” Kotlin: “fun” Rust: “fn” If you’re writing a new programming language, you know what you have to do

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ShelleyLinn🍀   @Celtic_Asynja   4 days ago

A perfectly timed photo of a Raven stealing the sun in a smokey Pacific Northwest. Photo by Shelley Lewis Photogra…

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