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Internet of Shit   @internetofshit   over 1 year ago

why the fuck doesn't it just close the door itself if it's so smart https://t.co/1HHqJhCtFH

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hey i just met you and this is crazy but could this meeting be an email maybe

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banksy   @thereaIbanksy   over 6 years ago

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Pigeon Fancier   @isabelzawtun   over 1 year ago

Men naming their sons after them is a classic case of slapping your name on a completed project after someone else did all the work

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this is still the best piece of speculative fiction i’ve ever read https://t.co/nCNv3ANWML

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Edward Snowden   @Snowden   over 3 years ago

NSA just lost control of its Top Secret arsenal of digital weapons; hackers leaked it. 1) https://t.co/zleVbyBtE3 2) https://t.co/aKwdiNbrJA

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Kivan Beans   @KivaBay   over 1 year ago

did... did a dog write this comment? https://t.co/ry8rDW9aqb

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Timothy Whalen 🌮   @littlebluedog   about 2 years ago

USPS tracking: Step 1: we don't think it exists Step 2: delivered

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Jamie Rollo   @Khoklavixche   almost 4 years ago

How to make Gifs loop smoothly on Twitter. Gifs on Twitter tend to freeze for a little while on the last frame.… https://t.co/DYZL94GnVE

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Josh Zimmerman   @TheJewberwocky   almost 4 years ago

Presented without comment. @stahnma #devopsdays https://t.co/oeVy1PYvNH

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When you’re fundraising, it’s AI When you’re hiring, it’s ML When you’re implementing, it’s linear regression When… https://t.co/uDitkakqcU

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Nadim Kobeissi   @kaepora   over 6 years ago

WhatsApp cares about privacy, so here's the AES key to decrypt all WhatsApp chats. 8D4B155CC9FF81E5CBF6FA7819366A3EC621A656416CD793 #Woops

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Cursed'n H-ooo!-ward   @emotionalpedant   almost 5 years ago

it is irresponsible to use the force on kittens, I do not condone this https://t.co/wBfHjQJmxW

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That feeling when you think "we should buy a full page in the Times and publish an open letter," and then you do. 💫 https://t.co/BQiEawRA6d

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This is perhaps my favourite chart ever https://t.co/MuDLaVIdpk

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SciencePorn   @SciencePorn   about 6 years ago

This man dressed in mentos was dropped in diet coke http://t.co/x53lnVdgM3

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No one ever talks about how an oubliette implies the existence of a larger, and far more terrifying, oobly.

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Jordan   @jordan_stratton   almost 4 years ago

Sometimes cats are sweet. Other times, they absorb the power of a ritual stone so they can finally overthrow and de… https://t.co/2KIakQ0c94

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Faces in Things   @FacesPics   10 months ago

I thought this was a Muppet at first https://t.co/gAaetsscIg

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johnmaeda   @johnmaeda   over 6 years ago

Steve Jobs on the disease of believing that 90% of the work is having a great idea … via @cdixon http://t.co/4yT1EJlmrx

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Jim Stormdancer   @mogwai_poet   almost 2 years ago

Someone compiled a list of instances of AI doing what creators specify, not what they mean: https://t.co/OqoYN8MvMN https://t.co/I1bgCFfO8c

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Leon Fayer   @papa_fire   about 2 years ago

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Benito Cereno   @benito_cereno   about 3 years ago

Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit The Voynich manuscript, decoded https://t.co/Ca7AQpuddR

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Michele Playfair   @MichelePlayfair   over 3 years ago

I laughed at this way more than I should have https://t.co/e1BlxSJ3Jl

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Fermat's Library   @fermatslibrary   over 1 year ago

Geneva Drive: A mechanism that converts continuous motion into discrete motion. The name was derived from its usa… https://t.co/P1t5owasSS

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