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Naomi Wu 机械妖姬   @RealSexyCyborg   7 months ago

My friend CTT came up with a very interesting design for proximity sensing, no-contact elevator buttons- that still… https://t.co/6QH8NTPJsX

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Joshua Potash   @JoshuaPotash   5 months ago

Someone made a Cheers bar for this squirrel and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. https://t.co/Xm7wn4aB3s

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Zhx7hflmmcxdaj0tk9f8 normal

We just sent notice we are terminating service for 8chan. There comes a time when enough is enough. But this isn't… https://t.co/qRyTFWBVHN

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Justin Kan   @justinkan   almost 2 years ago

First time founders are obsessed with product. Second time founders are obsessed with distribution.

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Cabel   @cabel   over 1 year ago

Always loved this 80’s keypad that generates a new key sequence on every press — so you can’t shoulder surf. Great… https://t.co/xz79ioGZGg

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SciencePorn    @SciencePorn   about 5 years ago

This is it. This is the cutest thing ever. https://t.co/r9oZ9IoXYt

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Relatable Quotes   @RelatableQuote   over 3 years ago

When u realize u don't want 2 be responsible for anything anymore & u just want 2 nap and be small https://t.co/2plhRSf9fu

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Louis Hyman   @louishyman   almost 2 years ago

Wow. So much response! If you would like to know more about the larger history of Sears and resisting white suprema… https://t.co/pi2bmaKm73

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dad   @DadTeats   7 months ago

@Rachael_Conrad Found the original audio! https://t.co/RRZuRouDkG

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Doc Norton   @DocOnDev   over 1 year ago

Dear Managers, It is unethical to deny an employee an internal growth opportunity because they are too valuable to… https://t.co/T3M77FNRWe

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Existential Comics   @existentialcoms   over 1 year ago

Philosophers: "philosophy is the queen of sciences, the foundation on which all knowledge lies." Scientists: "oh co… https://t.co/VqwhydeDjq

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Jim Stormdancer   @mogwai_poet   almost 2 years ago

Someone compiled a list of instances of AI doing what creators specify, not what they mean: https://t.co/OqoYN8MvMN https://t.co/I1bgCFfO8c

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Melissa McEwen   @melissamcewen   13 days ago

Writing a horror book called “Chores you didn’t know existed and were supposed to be doing all along“

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Paul Bronks   @SlenderSherbet   over 1 year ago

This is possibly my most important cat disco tweet so far. 🔊 https://t.co/r7Yq8Bck8r

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nyunesu   @nyunesu   almost 2 years ago

snetris (snake + tetris) #protober #gamedev #screenshotsaturday https://t.co/NEl0e4673o

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Cannïbal   @Cannibal   about 3 years ago

This is why software requirements should be clear and understandable. https://t.co/Nky9EVYkIw

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Paul Graham   @paulg   4 months ago

Underappreciated competitive advantage: letting people do x without creating an account.

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Erynn Brook   @ErynnBrook   almost 2 years ago

I want to tell you a story about how my mum taught me that I’m allowed to leave an uncomfortable situation.

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That feeling when you think "we should buy a full page in the Times and publish an open letter," and then you do. 💫 https://t.co/BQiEawRA6d

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Brianna   @zebriez   12 months ago

I recently left Stripe after 4.5 formative and magical years. Some reflections on what made working at Stripe feel… https://t.co/gURSIvyPvM

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Kitze   @thekitze   about 1 year ago

border: 1px solid red; is the console.log of css

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Vitalik Buterin   @VitalikButerin   over 2 years ago

Anyone who replies to this tweet asking for or offering ETH is a scammer. (please like this tweet so it gets above… https://t.co/jWU4VLrgBd

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Josh Butts   @jimbojsb   over 2 years ago

CTO’s Prayer: God, grant me engineers to build the things I can’t buy, budget to buy the things I can’t build, and… https://t.co/5bjP6Dgeln

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Meng To   @MengTo   8 months ago

Today I learned that you can use auto-fit in CSS Grid to wrap the content. No more media queries. 🤯 https://t.co/Ji8JpgB6sc

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Trevor Young   @_tyoung   8 months ago

everyone who works on Apple Pay affectionately calls the moment when you tap your phone to a terminal a “boop.” t… https://t.co/Z03B8baPAr

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