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Edward Snowden   @Snowden   over 4 years ago

2013: It's treason! 2014: Maybe not, but it was reckless 2015: Still, technically it was unlawful 2016: It was a public service but 2017:

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World of Engineering   @engineers_feed   about 1 year ago

This loop latch system https://t.co/ayrYEQi3NJ

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Tom Hatfield   @WordMercenary   over 3 years ago

Since Rob Schneider said something dumb now is a good time to remember when Roger Ebert hit him with the greatest c… https://t.co/W0ehXnbqnp

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This is perhaps my favourite chart ever https://t.co/MuDLaVIdpk

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AlanBaxter   @AlanBaxter   over 3 years ago

Neil Gaiman on imposter syndrome. https://t.co/RgneuZ4Bkt

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NumPy   @numpy_team   3 days ago

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Dear @AppleSupport, we noticed a *HUGE* security issue at MacOS High Sierra. Anyone can login as "root" with empty… https://t.co/2il11lEgj9

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Chris Fritz   @chrisvfritz   over 2 years ago

🔥 Tip: I've avoided *thousands* of bugs with this crazy coding trick that seems to work in every language: GO TO BE… https://t.co/KP4cy31XBT

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Seb Patrick   @sebpatrick   almost 3 years ago

"See all that stuff in there, Zack? That's why your Batman and Superman movie never worked!" https://t.co/tPmSce459G

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Sundar Pichai   @sundarpichai   over 2 years ago

Today we’re sharing our AI principles and practices. How AI is developed and used will have a significant impact on… https://t.co/CY0becglf2

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Archillect   @archillect   over 1 year ago

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petshop bones   @direlog   about 3 years ago

‘programming’ is a delightful pastime in which you debug for hours only to discover the real problem is: you can’t read, and you can’t count

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Best works from around the world🙂 https://t.co/RlQmaHuQvA

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James Sumner   @JamesBSumner   about 2 years ago

Yes, it was me who smuggled a large seabird into the plenary and launched it at the speaker's head with the words "… https://t.co/uvJd2PCObH

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2 unit tests 0 integration tests https://t.co/95RoYKy96b

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DHH   @dhh   3 months ago

The HEY stack: - Vanilla Ruby on Rails on the backend, running on edge - Stimulus, Turbolinks, Trix + NEW MAGIC on… https://t.co/Kr8eGanpd0

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When you’re fundraising, it’s AI When you’re hiring, it’s ML When you’re implementing, it’s linear regression When… https://t.co/uDitkakqcU

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this is still the best piece of speculative fiction i’ve ever read https://t.co/nCNv3ANWML

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Awwwww   @AwwwwCats   11 months ago

Mistakes were made https://t.co/0V2wFNjMJW

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Zach Waugh   @zachwaugh   over 1 year ago

JavaScript: “function” Swift: “func” Kotlin: “fun” Rust: “fn” If you’re writing a new programming language, you know what you have to do

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Cameron Boon   @BakedBoons   about 4 years ago

Look, I know this week has been tough so here's a chihuahua dressed as a centurion being pulled by a sausage dog. https://t.co/z3qjWCuhOp

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KFC   @KFCBarstool   over 2 years ago

Most mesmerizing video you will ever watch. If you need me I’ll be watching this on repeat for the next 5 hours https://t.co/ZlMlLmxXu5

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Lynn 💎   @chordbug   over 2 years ago

I wrote a sorting function that only works when you're looking at it: https://t.co/vNMmXW8qzL

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Jamie Rollo   @Khoklavixche   almost 4 years ago

How to make Gifs loop smoothly on Twitter. Gifs on Twitter tend to freeze for a little while on the last frame.… https://t.co/DYZL94GnVE

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ShelleyLinn🍀   @Celtic_Asynja   4 days ago

A perfectly timed photo of a Raven stealing the sun in a smokey Pacific Northwest. Photo by Shelley Lewis Photogra… https://t.co/PiKChxOHSv

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