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Sylvia van Os   @SylvieLorxu   about 1 year ago

Sysadmins: "It's secure because it's in a container" Hackers: https://t.co/3MgS9jX2Ky

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Veevi Rosenstein   @uxresearch   over 1 year ago

Me ten years ago, on seeing a poorly designed interface “Wow, what idiot designed this?” Me, today: “What constrain… https://t.co/UT5AElbEXs

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Internet of Shit   @internetofshit   over 1 year ago

why the fuck doesn't it just close the door itself if it's so smart https://t.co/1HHqJhCtFH

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Kivan Beans   @KivaBay   over 1 year ago

did... did a dog write this comment? https://t.co/ry8rDW9aqb

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Thomas Småberg   @ThomasSmaberg   over 1 year ago

What an awesome artifact, a ring that folds out to an astronomical sphere! 16th cent. https://t.co/xtGzFB1J40

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Daniel Sinclair   @_DanielSinclair   over 1 year ago

I saw this video of Boston Dynamics' testing facility 5 days ago and I'm still thinking about it. https://t.co/zjC3o2CdA4

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Simon Coffey   @urbanautomaton   over 3 years ago

someone at the British Library is doing fine work https://t.co/qqYy697rLo

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Casey   @DarthHockey   about 1 year ago

Print this out, frame it, and then use it to smack a baby boomer next time they question why there’s a student loan… https://t.co/vm3qNZK8Su

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Franchesca Ramsey   @chescaleigh   about 3 years ago

"No" does not mean "convince me"

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hey i just met you and this is crazy but could this meeting be an email maybe

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Brock Wilbur   @brockwilbur   8 months ago

Short Thread: staying with some friends and last night after everyone went to bed I could not figure out how to tur… https://t.co/MndgNaVJeg

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Josh Jordan   @NumbersMuncher   over 1 year ago

This (real) video from GE on how to reset their "C" light bulbs is the most incredible how-to video you'll ever see… https://t.co/AiMwMm5f4C

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Fermat's Library   @fermatslibrary   over 1 year ago

Geneva Drive: A mechanism that converts continuous motion into discrete motion. The name was derived from its usa… https://t.co/P1t5owasSS

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bobby   @palm_beach_m   3 months ago

the american dream is to make a lot of money with computers and then to never touch computers ever again

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Leon Fayer   @papa_fire   about 2 years ago

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A wise QA dev once said, “There is no I in team, but there is a u in bug.” https://t.co/iTjcAEozPr

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I've started doing yoga for 8 months. My backache is gone. So I recommend some easy poses for artists/everyone who… https://t.co/jSdgBg7bdW

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Ben Halpern 🤗   @bendhalpern   over 1 year ago

Client-side validation https://t.co/QiCWeEjLLg

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Caitríona Uí Llwyd   @cafernblue   9 months ago

i still think my favourite thing that's ever happened to me on the internet is the time a guy said "people change t… https://t.co/S5ueyBVxBq

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Mika   @hailmika   over 2 years ago

I thought you might like this visualization of the terms and conditions of the different apps @pop_stefanija #vk18 https://t.co/KzFXpPyOpy

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Coffee Spoonie   @coffeespoonie   about 2 years ago

we need to destigmatize poverty. it's not shameful. asking for money for life essentials, like food or meds or shel… https://t.co/eiOx5mR4c2

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🚨 Emergency landing of a small plane ✈ this morning around 10:00 AM, on "Highway 40" just outside of #Montreal,… https://t.co/lLRoEFuTQk

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Julia Galef   @juliagalef   about 2 years ago

Airtight proof: https://t.co/5euWXCEZLU

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Chris Donovan   @chrisdonovan   over 4 years ago

If you read only one thing about #MuhammadAli, read what he wrote in his memoir about how he wanted to be remembered https://t.co/J1EdeX2lLC

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Patrick Searle   @Patrick4ONT   over 4 years ago

If you haven't watched this, I think it's Obama at his best. It's Obama, on gun control, 9 days ago. #Orlando https://t.co/QDi17DxjiS

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