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Neil Killick   @neil_killick   1 day ago

Estimation has been officially removed from Scrum (see new Scrum Guide). Good, because people are way too obsessed… https://t.co/jgXDObZ3pC

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Ola Bini   @olabini   2 days ago

I posted about the Signal messaging application versus Telegram a while ago, and I received a lot of answers about… https://t.co/ktr2jdivbw

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ⓘ This Kate is disputed   @thingskatedid   10 days ago

👩🏻‍🚒 🔥 How to level up your soldering 🔥 (a very long thread) Maybe you know how to solder a bit, but you suck at i… https://t.co/vWyivwLDIz

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So, here's my contrarian take on Why Trunk-Based Development Is Great But Probably Won't Work For You. Buckle up, it's a long one.

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   19 days ago

It is not a book, but at 22k words it is something. The time constraints forced me to be reasonably concise (~500… https://t.co/Xfp2gGmtsN

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Martin Kleppmann   @martinkl   19 days ago

Happy new year 🥂 Ever wondered where the western musical scales come from, and why there are 12 notes in an octave?… https://t.co/XwNRH3cXUA

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Caitie McCaffrey   @caitie   23 days ago

Over the past 3.5 years I've gone from IC to Engineering Manager of a 20 person org. I put together a list of the… https://t.co/xh970vodcw

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GeePaw Hill   @GeePawHill   24 days ago

Today it's microtest TDD's Value Premise: TDD ships more value faster when that value depends on changing our branc… https://t.co/tR6srKJ21A

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DHH   @dhh   29 days ago

Hotwire aka NEW MAGIC is finally here: An alternative approach to building modern web applications without using mu… https://t.co/xY7FUfaR3G

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Nader Dabit   @dabit3   about 1 month ago

My life as a programmer https://t.co/RdCOLcOeSE

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What's the best book you've read in 2020?

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McLaren Stanley   @StanTwinB   about 1 month ago

Alright folks, gather round and let me tell you the story of (almost) the biggest engineering disaster I’ve ever ha… https://t.co/8vYZBFUqHJ

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Christian Stovall   @mrxianstovall   about 1 month ago

Such a great roundtable on the risks of #agile story points from @mikewcohn @AndreaFryrear @t_magennis… https://t.co/6bFtlZJLgn

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Oisín Moran   @TheOisinMoran   about 2 months ago

As promised, here is a write up on how I made a self-quoting tweet: https://t.co/0u2gOR8ZRU

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"You should prefer orchestration within the bounded context of a microservice, but prefer choreography between boun… https://t.co/2BbHhiOdFG

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DHH   @dhh   3 months ago

Delegated types is the pattern that has had the most profound impact on how we do domain modeling at Basecamp. Intr… https://t.co/xdMlzmW9H9

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Naval   @naval   3 months ago

The price of trying to make everyone else happy is making yourself miserable.

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i’ve been sick, tired, stressed and pressed for the last 8 months straight so getting back into the hard stuff (wr… https://t.co/4xVgJu3Utu

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While I specialize in formal methods and half-baked twitter takes, I also have a deep interest in software history.… https://t.co/zRtiwkdFQ3

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Tech Burrito   @TechAmazing   3 months ago

Spread some love. https://t.co/DDGqpoCHj6

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Tiger Webb   @tfswebb   4 months ago

this has been a saga https://t.co/RKUTBxxBij

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Kate Temkin   @ktemkin   4 months ago

A few people have asked things in a vein of "why is USB3 so much more work to implement than USB2?", so I wrote up… https://t.co/VCDc8y8IFo

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Ava   @noampomsky   4 months ago

totally changed my life when I learned that emotions are not innate but culturally constructed: the biological axes… https://t.co/w67u8iVOB8

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Ricky Mondello   @rmondello   4 months ago

I love this post on GitHub’s blog about their adoption of the domain-bound code standard for SMS-delivered one-time… https://t.co/CpDILul0Sv

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Nikita Baksalyar   @nbaksalyar   4 months ago

I'm excited to launch Low-Level Academy (https://t.co/XLIEuL3IWi), an explorable systems programming course that us… https://t.co/GsCyGDPu5G

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