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Rahul Sood   @rahulsood   over 8 years ago

Get Inspired -- If you're wondering what to do next, read this: http://t.co/PhSl3Cmj

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Adam west 3 normal
Khoi Vinh   @khoi   over 8 years ago

Here is that continuously looped animated GIF of a cat jumping out of a cardboard box that you were asking for. http://t.co/7YpTCfHw

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0mervhn  normal
Kontra   @counternotions   over 8 years ago

Is Bret Victor's demo as mind boggling as they say? Yes. http://t.co/ar9j41MG

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Kyle wfd remote normal
Kyle Orland   @KyleOrl   over 8 years ago

Insane: A Tetris-like game programmed in 140 characters -- http://t.co/582AeZmz

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Walt Mossberg   @waltmossberg   over 8 years ago

How the Angry Birds Almost Died Before the First Level @inafried http://t.co/kXRUy9F8

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Michael Arrington   @arrington   over 8 years ago

Apple Acquires Chomp; App Store Search And Discovery To Be Completely Revamped http://t.co/s603etcw via @techcrunch

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Burak Dede   @burakdede   over 8 years ago

How should I answer when my child, or a non-programmer, asks "why is programming so much fun?" 8 Answers: http://t.co/wDXsKJ5I on @Quora

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Will Strafach   @chronic   over 8 years ago

if this image is correct, the iPad 3 will have 1GB of RAM. quite predictable, yet at least it's a confirmation. • http://t.co/tDzBELAY

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Hlt0or0m normal
Adam D'Angelo   @adamdangelo   over 8 years ago

Codesprint Quora Saturday March 3rd, 3-8pm PST (5-11pm EST) http://t.co/TmrLlv4n

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Lugwxzqs normal
Kat Li   @kitchenettekat   over 8 years ago

Why do many soccer players not make it to the top level? Incredible, authoritative answer by @ibringtraffic. http://t.co/9UCJ3qmU on @Quora

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F73b3687ff39b795db05fcaf35972270 normal
Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   over 8 years ago

A prototype UI showing how one would implement an app with Clear-like animations & gestures /by @massivehealth https://t.co/OAGmPcIP

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Tim Stiffler-Dean   @anotherguy   over 8 years ago

I just got a $1 credit for songs and albums @amazonmp3. http://t.co/D8Qw5ZnX to get yours. #hollerforadollar

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Shawnking2 normal
Shawn King   @ShawnKing   over 8 years ago

How a gigantic, 5.3" smartphone is proving critics wrong http://t.co/7PoW0gsR #InTheLoop

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Michael Gartenberg   @Gartenberg   over 8 years ago

Even cooler you can get "What the Plus" free as PDF. Works quite well in iBooks and Kindle app. Enjoy http://t.co/f6cDiizN

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Ktjuamnx normal
Dave Morris   @MirabilisDave   over 8 years ago

Long, meaty Alan Moore interview http://t.co/FSiktL1q Always worth hearing the views of the greatest (by far) writing talent in comics.

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Erik leica self normal
erik spiekermann   @espiekermann   over 8 years ago

“Why I am leaving Goldman Sachs” (a toxic & destructive environment): http://t.co/9v5zS3D9 A fascinating read!

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John 2011 1 500x500 normal
John Siracusa   @siracusa   over 8 years ago

This game as the best control of any arcade-type game I've played on the iPad: http://t.co/qD0WD4UY

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Zach Gage   @helvetica   over 8 years ago

i tried my distressed text idea out: pls only view on ipad3: http://t.co/H2UpPvC6 its very subtle, try covering top, bottom w/ hand /cc @iA

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Rebecca   @habitspark   over 8 years ago

Chris Loughnane: why you should cut out commuting http://t.co/HGxRXr6J

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Peter Willert   @cainvommars   over 8 years ago

The Impossible Typeface? http://t.co/txn3IUVm cc @iA @fontblog

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Kat Li   @kitchenettekat   over 8 years ago

Succinct but complex summary from @heidialden on what we expect/want from our prison system in America: http://t.co/lkIp0Rrm on @Quora

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Yex4ynnt normal
Beautiful Pixels   @beautifulpixels   over 8 years ago

Inception, Explained http://t.co/JfKY3Fr0

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Adam C. Engst   @adamengst   over 8 years ago

A wonderfully informative article about the iPhone's mics from Matt Neuburg. "Where to Speak on Your iPhone 4" http://t.co/50Qt6Bqw

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Kontra   @counternotions   over 8 years ago

"Freakonomics: What Went Wrong?" http://t.co/tdDHkSY4 (Sexy hypotheses with sufficient scope that are also easily digestible ain't easy.)

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The Verge   @verge   over 8 years ago

'Alphabet Topography' is a beautiful look at how often letters are used http://t.co/zBigVfe0

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