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Walt Mossberg   @waltmossberg   over 8 years ago

App Makes Readers’ Thoughts an Open Book. Review of Subtext social reading app by @kabster728 http://t.co/bpEILL8A

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Isn't it ironic that the concept of flow comes from a man with a name spelled "Csíkszentmihályi"? http://t.co/jZOSKDTt

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David Pogue   @Pogue   over 8 years ago

My new NY Times column is online: in which I finally understand the big deal about Kickstarter.com. http://t.co/LZmsFIK9

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Karl Meyer   @meyerkarl   over 8 years ago

#UX - Why Scrolling is the New Click http://t.co/hOmDK2SX

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Walt Mossberg   @waltmossberg   over 8 years ago

Touchscreen vs. Keyboard, the Sequel. @laurengoode reports. http://t.co/H97CcpTS

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MobileDoc   @palmdoc   over 8 years ago

How to install Android 4.0 on the HP TouchPad http://t.co/PCfCjKoW

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Anne K. Halsall   @annekate   over 8 years ago

I feel like everyone who works on software in any capacity needs to read this. http://t.co/7tdJXhhM on @Quora

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Gigaom   @gigaom   over 8 years ago

5 low-profile startups that could change the face of big data http://t.co/OuWbaR6W

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Marco Arment   @marcoarment   over 8 years ago

Went with 384px square, which sizes down nicely as an even multiple of 48 and 128 but still looks good when clicked for full size.

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Jim Dalrymple   @jdalrymple   over 8 years ago

CSS3 page transitions http://t.co/01tcApbP

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A little project for mobile developers: http://t.co/Erb5Fc4A Allows you to do full device motion emulation http://t.co/CobqQp52

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Linotype: The Film   @linotypefilm   over 8 years ago

Over half the tickets have sold for our NYC world premiere THIS FRIDAY! Get your ticket fast: http://t.co/DMmVkveT

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Don't think SOPA was the end. Meet ACTA 2.0, which is like a backdoor way to enact SOPA http://t.co/vwChCJCS

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Marcel Beaudoin   @mudbunny74   over 8 years ago

This is really cool. A newly found mushroom can survive solely on plastics: http://t.co/wqMfIUtc #ScienceYo! #FB

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Who is Apple's new retail boss and what is his track record. Nice analysis from @bobbiejohnson http://t.co/1ZKih3jT

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David Chartier   @chartier   over 8 years ago

The new split keyboard that iOS 5 offers on iPad has phantom buttons for your typing convenience: http://t.co/FQODmZp4

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   over 8 years ago

"Code is like a poem; it's not just something we write to reach some practical result." http://t.co/ZlE9oYKV #redis #manifesto

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Kim Pham   @kim617   over 8 years ago

MUST READ. Seriously. RT @nateberkopec: My answer to: How can college students become successful #entrepreneurs? http://t.co/fO4HMddp

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Tommy Maintz   @tmaintz   over 8 years ago

For the future of HTML5 on Android, please star this ticket: http://t.co/VGsECIHB

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Just got a great writing tip from best selling author @GoddessGuide that will change how I do research for my book. #twitterfriendsrock

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Kevin Krewell   @Krewell   over 8 years ago

Wonder why Apple offers Siri only on the iPhone 4S? This IP may be the reason: http://t.co/FOHbt5GV

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Nest   @nest   over 8 years ago

What's it like to own a Nest Learning Thermostat? A few honest opinions from our customers: http://t.co/17Rm56WT

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Walt Mossberg   @waltmossberg   over 8 years ago

The full Neil Young interview from our Dive Into Media conference with me and @pkafka http://t.co/tP56VbaG #divemedia

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Walt Mossberg   @waltmossberg   over 8 years ago

What are Apple's new iPad textbooks really like to use? Read the review by @kabster728. http://t.co/WR3yJTe6

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Some timeless advice on writing by David Ogilvy http://t.co/TkAruJME

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