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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   almost 9 years ago

The 60 minutes interview is up. Interestingly the experience sucks on iOS http://t.co/B3sN1EXH

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Kontra   @counternotions   almost 9 years ago

What if you could create formatted math expressions for your favorite Mac OS X applications in your own handwriting? http://t.co/adMOXqGB

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Lessien   @Lessien   almost 9 years ago

Chill. Highly recommended. http://t.co/EssmfQOc

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Read this (she's wrong) ‘The mobile app is going the way of the CD-ROM: to the bin’ http://t.co/D0rGWBEv then see this http://t.co/pEgBq7sz

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Lessien   @Lessien   almost 9 years ago

"How the iPhone got Tail Fins." http://t.co/YHld62ZT (Good read)

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Kontra   @counternotions   almost 9 years ago

"Cracking 14 Character Complex Passwords in 5 Seconds" http://t.co/3cha6Mcv via @ianbetteridge

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Phil McKinney   @philmckinney   almost 9 years ago

Going without sleep could unlock your natural ability to create breakthrough innovations http://t.co/Ioua0DhT

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Quora   @Quora   almost 9 years ago

.@adamdangelo answers: What scientific or philosophical justifications exist for Occam's Razor? http://t.co/2ODq7hza

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Ars Technica   @arstechnica   almost 9 years ago

The insanely weird quantum wave function might be "real" after all: http://t.co/yazkJShf by @exMamaku

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Jim Dalrymple   @jdalrymple   almost 9 years ago

Universal twelve step business plan http://t.co/61lpmn40 You have to read this. Absolutely hilarious.

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kottke.org   @kottke   almost 9 years ago

The craziest thing you'll ever see on the web http://t.co/pcFXzoZI

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Spyderco, Inc.   @SpydercoKnives   almost 9 years ago

We're excited to announce that the #Spyderco Sharpmaker Video is now online! - http://t.co/ufRAj2ih

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Pat Hu   @pathu   almost 9 years ago

Great responses to a totally subjective topic. @Quora: What is Banksy's greatest work of art/graffiti? Why? 11 Answers: http://t.co/pe0BCvcf

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Tom Cook   @ywxwy   almost 9 years ago

Perfect answer from @jhollington re: security of iOS vs BlackBerry http://t.co/tiJSNrwY

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Mattan Griffel   @mattangriffel   almost 9 years ago

Amazing answer on @Quora: What does it feel like to have schizophrenia? http://t.co/OmN2vKgF

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Tom Cook   @ywxwy   almost 9 years ago

Answer to: Why do storage facilities auction lockers without first revealing their contents? http://t.co/doLca3Tt by @CalvinBohdan on @Quora

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Great answer by @maxrogo on @Quora: How did Best Buy emerge as the sole consumer electronics retail powerhouse? http://t.co/4NsRSHft

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Jared Spool   @jmspool   almost 9 years ago

My Quora answer to what are the diffs between early adopters and mainstream users of new technology: http://t.co/DtwPn8FZ

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The demise of quality content on the web — http://t.co/xLQW3ulj

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This charts is still blowing my mind. http://t.co/bwDMlOe2

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How pro photographers use the Lytro camera's amazing lens technology: http://t.co/p1N9g6cU by @redgirlsays

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19-yr old son of a same sex couple delivers a stunning speech in the Iowa House of Reps. Warning: you may cry. http://t.co/zoxVx4tZ RT @khoi

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Kat Li   @kitchenettekat   almost 9 years ago

You won't find them so adorable after you read this answer on @Quora by @jckhewitt to: Are the Angry Birds terrorists? http://t.co/DsQUNvHI

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Dion Almaer   @dalmaer   almost 9 years ago

"It’s because on iOS all UI rendering occurs in a dedicated UI thread with real-time priority." http://t.co/j6vdrOfo #ios #android

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Marco Arment   @marcoarment   almost 9 years ago

Who would you rather have speak on behalf of your company: Steve Ballmer or Eric Schmidt? http://t.co/ube8lVkY

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