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Aaron Patterson   @tenderlove   7 days ago

I have some very sad news to share. Our cat Gorby passed away yesterday.

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Justin Searls   @searls   16 days ago

We released a gem today called time_up! It's a new way to measure where your Ruby code's time is going. Read all ab…

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Alex Lieberman ☕️   @businessbarista   25 days ago

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a $54 billion behemoth. It's bigger than Marriott, Netflix, and Twitter...combined.…

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Sahil Bloom   @SahilBloom   about 1 month ago

Razors are rules that simplify decisions. THREAD: 20+ powerful razors (to help you cut through life’s noise):

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Samuel Williams   @ioquatix   2 months ago

Game of Life implemented in pure ruby:

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Ethan Mollick   @emollick   2 months ago

One of my favorite scientific figures is this one of the entropy levels of 100 world cities by the orientation of s…

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A rare photo of Schrödinger's cat 📸 🐈📦 🤣

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John Cutler   @johncutlefish   2 months ago

this free textbook (Managing Digital: Concepts and Practices) from @CharlesTBetz is so incredibly rich and layered.…

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Cindy Sridharan   @copyconstruct   2 months ago

Some maxims worth reiterating no matter how “obvious” it seems: - “change only one thing at a time” should be codi…

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Justin Searls   @searls   3 months ago

I'm realizing I've never shared this publicly before, but I probably should: almost all the advice you hear about s…

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GeePaw Hill   @GeePawHill   3 months ago

Big-batch releases, coordinated and controlled by a central intelligence, fail, and fail frequently. Several aspect…

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Nate Berkopec   @nateberkopec   3 months ago

In a production environment, the optimal Puma configuration for 80% of apps is probably 4 workers, 5 threads on a 4…

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John Breen   @_breeeeen_   3 months ago

Let's keep track of the folks who are leaving @Basecamp and do what we can to find them a new home where they're al…

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Mustafa Khundmiri 👋   @mkhundmiri   3 months ago

My son: "Dad, please tweet and let all your followers know I want a cat. I wanna see how many people like it." Me: "Uhh, okay."

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Eyepatch Wolf   @EyePatchWolf   4 months ago

Buying a PC with Dell: My Journey Into Hell

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Victor   @vponamariov   4 months ago

How to design almost any UI element. A curated list of 58 articles 👇

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Samuel Williams   @ioquatix   4 months ago

So this ain't quite Phoenix LiveView yet, but the concept is the same and appears to be hitting 60FPS pretty easily:

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nixCraft   @nixcraft   4 months ago

A haiku about DNS: It’s not DNS There is a no way it’s DNS It was DNS

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Sarah Drasner   @sarah_edo   4 months ago

I wrote an article about the mistakes I’ve made as an Engineering Manager. In general, there seem to be thousands o…

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Simon Willison   @simonw   4 months ago

Here's a piece of information that will send a chill down the spine of anyone who's ever designed a database schema…

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Liz (Welsh) Beechinor 😅   @LizTweetsTech   4 months ago

My dad led an organization of over 300,000 employees. When I took on my biggest marketing & events team to date (…

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Boz   @boztank   4 months ago

Hot new blog post. On the surface it is about deploying code (fun!) but really it is about how slowing down to incr…

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get better at programming by learning how things work

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Heather Burns   @WebDevLaw   5 months ago

This is the only conference slide I give these days, and you should store or tattoo it somewhere convenient.

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Patrick OShaughnessy   @patrick_oshag   5 months ago

This little scene from “Working Backwards” really resonates. Without intense focus, things usually don’t get done…

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